Helping Your Hair to Grow Long and Strong

Helping Your Hair to Grow Long and Strong
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In our experience, there’s two types of people when it comes to short hairstyles – there’s those who brave the chop and absolutely love it, and then there are those who deal with immediate regrets. If you fall into the latter category, you may be trying to find ways to get your hair growing quicker, so we thought we’d curate a selection of tips and products which may help you:

Take Care of Your Scalp

One of the most important things to thing about when trying to grow your hair is keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated. If your scalp is dry and your follicles blocked with dead skin cells, your hair is going to have a harder time growing healthily. Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Hair and Scalp Mask is a luxurious weekly, intensive hair and scalp mask treatment which provides a deep cleanse and helps remove build-up while a moisturising blend of oils nourish the hair.

Modify Your Diet

It goes without saying that a healthy, balanced diet is important for all areas of your health, but if you want to get your mane growing, it’s even more essential. You need to ensure you’re getting a good amount of protein in your daily diet – a palm-sized portion of unprocessed meat or fish, if you’re a carnivore is a good place to start. The body needs the amino acids from these proteins to encourage cell growth.

Moisturise Your Hair

If your hair isn’t in good condition, it will start to break and this will massively inhibit its growth potential. Keeping your hair moisturised with Decleor Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Dry Oil will leave it feeling soft and silky and hydrated from root to tip, giving it the best conditions in which to grow long and strong.

Choose Your Brush Carefully

Make sure you choose a brush that doesn’t damage your hair’s outer cuticle, which will leave strands vulnerable to damage. Opt for rounded, plastic prongs and a cushioned base, and avoid boar bristle brushes. Plus, never brush your hair from the roots as this can cause friction on the hair shaft and damage it. Start at the ends and gradually work your way up.

Think About Your Products

Cheap shampoos and conditioners tend to contain a lot of ingredients that really aren’t that great for your hair in the long run. The usually have harsh surfactants in them which will strip the natural layers of moisture from the hair and leave it vulnerable to breakage. Dermalogica Daily Conditioning Rinse is formulated to restore softness and shine for vibrantly-healthy hair every day and is free of drying detergents and harsh chemicals.

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