Beauty Hacks to Help You Look Younger

Beauty Hacks to Help You Look Younger
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While we’re big fans of growing old gracefully and embracing all of the changes that happen to our bodies as we get older, sometimes we all need a little boost. There are lots of little things that we can do to help to maintain a more youthful appearance, so we’ve curated a list of five ways to help you to stay looking younger.

Apply Moisturiser Before Foundation

Mature skin should usually opt for an oil-based foundation, as other types can be too drying, but even this is sometimes not enough. We recommend applying a moisturiser to your skin before you apply your foundation as this will stop your skin from absorbing all of the oils in your base and leaving your face looking dry and powdery. It will also help to prevent foundation from settling into fine lines.

Open Your Eyes

When your eyes start to show signs of ageing, the lack of collagen in the skin often makes eyes look heavy and less open than before. Use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara and use a white liner on the lower waterline as this will give the appearance of wider, less heavy eyes.

Cream Blush

Adding a wash of colour to your cheeks will help you to achieve a more youthful look, but powdery blushers can look heavy and dry on ageing skin. To achieve a flawless, rosy glow, opt for a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks as this will give you colour in your cheeks without drying out your skin.

Add Volume

It’s not just your face which can age you – your hair can age you, too! Hair styles which lack volume can look as though they’re dragging your whole face down and a little bit of root lift and body can do wonders for making you look more youthful. Experiment with your style and add curls or waves to see what a difference it can make.

Beef Up Your Brows

We all know that head hair can get thinner as we age, but did you know that your eyebrows can get thinner, too? When you combine this with years of over-plucking, a lot of ageing ladies are seriously dissatisfied with their brows. Take some time to experiment with filling in your brows to make them look fuller and a more flattering shape.

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