Five Tips for Looking Less Tired

Five Tips for Looking Less Tired
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One of the biggest complaints that we hear from our clients is that they feel they look tired, no matter what they do to combat it. From dark circles and lines around the eyes to a generally lacklustre complexion, the signs of tiredness are tricky to hide, so we thought we’d give you five tips to stop you from looking tired in the first place.

Drink More Water

We know we harp on about water a LOT but there’s a very good reason for that! Aside from being hugely important for your whole body, dehydration is one of the main culprits in making you look tired. A lack of hydration will make your skin more papery, make wrinkles appear deeper and make dark circles around your eyes look darker. And hey, what have you got to lose by simply drinking a glass or two of water?!

Think About HOW You Sleep

You can apply all of the night creams in the world to you face, but if you’re a front sleeper or have pillow cases made of a thicker fabric, you’re going to create wrinkles without even trying! Swap your pillowcases for a satin or silk fabric and try to sleep on your back if you don’t want those lines becoming engrained while you sleep.


Finding an exfoliator which works for you is like the Holy Grail in the fight against tired-looking skin. When you exfoliate, you get rid of dead skin cells which will make your complexion look dry and flat, giving a fatigued, lacklustre appearance. By revealing the cells below, your skin will immediately look fresher and more awake.

Get Reflective!

One of the best ways to give your skin a boost and stop yourself from looking tired is to use a product on your skin which contains reflective particles. This will brighten your skin, giving you a subtle glow by reflecting light on a cellular level. Apply over the top of your regular make-up base for maximum impact.

Get better sleep

Sometimes, the answer isn’t in getting MORE sleep (especially if you’re someone who gets eight hours and still wakes up tired), but getting BETTER sleep. The key to this is in nurturing a good sleep hygiene routine. Set yourself a bedtime and make sure you put all of your devices down at least an hour beforehand. Make sure you get into bed clothes and actually get in bed to fall asleep, rather than dozing on the couch before dragging yourself to bed. Finally, help yourself to relax with essential oils  so that sleep comes easily.

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