Product Focus: Elemis Targeted Toning Body Moisturiser

Elemis Targeted Toning Body MoisturiserSome of our favourite skincare products, here at Pure Beauty, are actually the ones which concentrate on a different part of the body to the face, as they’re often highly innovative and unexpectedly potent. Elemis Targeted Toning Body Moisturiser is exactly such a product, so we thought we’d take the time to tell you about it in a little more detail:

What does it do?

Elemis Targeted Toning Body Moisturiser helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite when combined with daily massage, this body moisturiser helps to tighten, tone and leave skin visibly firmer and smoother.

What are the important ingredients?

Nigari Salt: Stimulating salts, rich in Magnesium Chloride, purified from sea water.

Jania Rubens: A calcified red algae that when applied with massage can help to regain skin’s appearance of firmness and smooth dimples.

Plankton Extract: Can help to redefine the look of areas sensitive to loss of texture, for a firmer looking silhouette.

Who should be using it?

Anyone who wants to banish cellulite and give their skin a smoother appearance. It helps to combat the build-up of toxins caused by poor diet, stress and lack of exercise, so if you’re giving yourself an overhaul of body and mind, this is the perfect product to help.

How do you use it?

Apply product using hands and fingertips in large circular movements. Cream will warm and transforms to an oil. Apply to areas prone to cellulite such as thighs, stomach and back of arms (not the face). Stimulate circulation by squeezing the skin between fingers and thumb, moving across the area of concern. Stimulate drainage by firmly patting cupped hands over the area of concern. Firmly pound area with a closed fist, using the flat of your knuckles to go over the area of concern.

What do other people think of it?

“Fantastic product!. Smells divine and skin felt taut and moisturised. Would definitely recommend.”

“I’m not quite 8 weeks in yet, but this seems fantastic! It goes on smoothly and doesn’t leave an oily residue but a lovely shine on the skin. I’ve used it on my thighs and buttocks and it feels amazing on my skin and I’m already seeing results! It’s a fantastic product.”

“I’m a week in to using this product and it’s fantastic. It has a rich creamy feel without leaving the skin greasy. I apply it to thighs, buttocks and tummy area. Has a very light citrus fragrance. A lovely firming body moisturiser. Highly recommended.”

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