Stay Cool as a Cucumber with Pure Beauty

Stay Cool as a Cucumber with Pure Beauty

Stay Cool as a Cucumber with Pure BeautyPhoto by Breakingpic

The heat is currently driving us slightly mad, and all we can think about is cooling ourselves down as efficiently as possible. Thoughts of juicy fruits and cooling cucumbers are at the forefront of our minds, and we actually stock a surprising amount of products which harness the powers of the humble cucumber. Cultivated for at least 3,000 years, the cucumber originated from India, and it is now thought that there are nearly 100 varieties of cucumbers grown in most countries in the world. With that in mind, here are five of our favourite cooling cucumber-based products:

Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to redness it can be difficult to find a cleanser which leaves your face feeling  properly clean without any irritation. This cleanser from Dermalogica was designed to cleanse without stripping your skin’s protective barrier whilst helping to calm and cool sensitised or highly reactive skin. It contains cooling agents, extracted from cucumber, that help soothe and calm irritated skin as well as panthenol – also known as pro-vitamin B5 – which promotes tissue regeneration and acts as a humectant.

Elemis Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice

Given the fact that cucumbers are 96% water, it’s no great surprise that they are included in many products which are intended to moisturise the skin. This Calm Hydration Juice from Elemis is a super hydrating gel moisturiser to soothe and balance all skin types. As well as organic cucumber extracts, it contains organic aloe vera juice, which is known for its soothing properties and leaves skin hydrated and refreshed, and natural green mandarin and kiwi fruit waters, which leave the skin looking bright.

Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser

Living in a city can provide its own set of challenges when it comes to looking after your skin, which is why Murad created their City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser. It neutralises daily exposure to pollutants and free radicals while you sleep and contains sunflower, cucumber and barley, which nourish the skin’s moisture barrier, help to reverse pollution-related dehydration, restore youthful texture, and smooth lines and wrinkles.

Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Eye Complex

Putting cucumbers over your eyes to treat dark circles and puffy skin is probably one of the best-known beauty remedies. There are plenty of people who swear by this remedy, and the evidence for using cucumbers on eyes is more than anecdotal, which is why Evolve Organic Beauty have used it in their Hyaluronic Eye Complex. Organic cucumber extract reduces under eye bags and helps to minimise the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, while hyaluronic acid helps to smooth wrinkles, making the skin look younger with an improved tone.

Medik8 Illuminating Eye Balm

Medik8 Illuminating Eye Balm is an instantly illuminating and hydrating eye balm which helps to visibly brighten and refresh tired eyes. It minimises the appearance of puffiness and dark circles by combining soothing natural extracts of cucumber, red algae and glycerin with sheer, light-reflecting mineral pigments in a subtle colour match tint. It contains hyaluronic acid to leave the under eye area both hydrated and supple.

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