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Elemis Pro Collagen Advanced Eye TreatmentWe bet that anyone you talk to, however confident they seem and comfortable they appear to be, will have a skin issue or problem that gets them down.

Dark circles.

Fine lines.

Sagging skin.



Whatever it is, someone other than you will be dealing with it.

We are bringing you some of the products we sell that get to work on treating the issues that get customers down and help make them feel better and more confident.

Ever look in the mirror and just zoom in on the imperfections like fine lines? If that’s you, firstly stop because no one else does, but look at trying the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment to create a more youthful appearance. Use morning and evening and you’ll be amazed at how ingredients like Padina Pavonica and blue flower linseed reintroduce hydration so that your eyes come back to life and lines fade away.

Lots of people have to deal with redness and while it might not seem like a big deal, it really can be. Don’t lose face over this, instead give the Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence a go and we think you will like what you see. Lightweight like a toner but concentrated like a serum, redness and sensitivity are eased as the skin’s moisture barrier becomes stronger. Used morning and night, this can help to relieve, restore and hydrate sensitive skin, taking discomfort and dehydration away and bringing healthy, happy skin into play once again.

Hormonal and menopausal skin comes with its own set of issues, but they don’t have to get you down. The Elemis Pro-Definition Day Cream is full of sweet iris, Chinese hibiscus stem cells and arjuna bark extract which work together to plump and tighten your skin so that is full of vitality once again. The addition of starflower oil and lupin means that tired skin is moisturised, nourished and feels at ease.

Dull, pale skin is common in winter, but using the Decleor Green Mandarin Sun-Kissed Glow Cream can turn your complexion fortunes around. This lush, anti-oxidant moisturiser helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and gives you an immediate glow. So, how does this happen? Citrus essential oils have been blended with natural hyaluronic acid and beta-carotene which together re-energise tired skin and gives you skin confidence in a flash. Warm a pea sized piece of balm in your hands, apply to cleansed, toned skin and watch things change for the better.

Acne isn’t saved for kids! The Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash is a grown up foaming cleanser that helps get breakouts, and excess surface oils under control. The iconic beauty company have combined botanicals and salicylic acid because together, they help keep skin clear as well as calming inflammation and irritation. Not stopping there, this little beauty also helps prevent future breakouts which makes it a winner in our book.

Need some help to get the skin you want? Get in touch and we can help you get it right and even send samples so you can try before you buy.

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