Pure Beauty sell facials oils that combat dry, dull skin and fine lines 

Dry, dull skin and fine lines are the bane of many lives and often the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. While some people think that they just have to live with these problems, at Pure Beauty we don’t think that is the case at all.

As well as a basic cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, incorporating a good quality facial oil into your skincare regime can help you get to grips with these common issues. Far from being heavy and greasy, facial oils can help to balance and calm skin so it feels soothed and looks fantastic.

We sell a range of brilliant facial oils at Pure Beauty, and today three are in the spotlight because we think they will help you get the skin you deserve.Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

We are huge Elemis fans and we adore the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil. This totally natural facial oil is made from a unique blend of concentrated superfoods that nourish and hydrate tired, dull skin and bring it back to life. Antioxidant and omega-rich broccoli, daikon radish and flaxseed get to work softening and smoothing the fine lines that happen as we age, but don’t have to define us. Rosehip seed, cucumber and rice bran oils deliver a much-needed boost of vitamins that will look after you skin and leave it with a warm, radiant glow that makes you look healthy, not tired.  While the RRP for the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil is £45.00, you can get it now at Pure Beauty for the offer price of £36.00.

the Decleor Aromessence Green Mandarin Essential Oil Glow SerumFacial oils are a great way to re-energise the skin and that is exactly what the Decleor Aromessence Green Mandarin Essential Oil Glow Serum is all about. Perfect for the first signs of ageing, citrus essential oils put this product on the beauty map and it’s a facial oil we think you will love. We suggest applying  this oil to cleansed, toned skin. Place three small drops in the palms of your hands and once the precious oil is warm gently tap over your face and neck ensuring dry, problem areas are reached. Allow the oil a couple of minutes to sink in and then apply your moisturiser and watch dullness evaporate and fine lines fade. The usual RRP is £55.00 but we are currently offering it at £44.00.

When it comes to skincare, Dermalogica always get it right and that includes their facial oils. The Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil is first Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oilclass when it comes to easing the dehydration that can dry out skin and make fine lines look worse. This is very much a next-generation, daily-use treatment oil and just a few drops can take skin from scaly to silky in moments. So, how does it happen? Well to start things off, camellia and tamanu oils help restore the skin’s natural barrier, then orchid flower and chia seed oils swoop in to lock down vital moisture so that smoothness reigns. To really ensure skin is looked after, rice bran, rosemary and sunflower extracts work to create a shield against free radical damage which means your skin is safe and glowing. The regular RRP for this classic facial oil is £68.00, but it’s currently on offer at £54.40 on our site.

Still not sure which facial oil is for you? Get in touch and we would love to help you get your best skin ever.

Team Pure Beauty

Please note that offer prices will last from 24/01/2020: 02:00 until 27/01/2020: 0200



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