Cooking Christmas Dinner Without Losing Your Cool

Cooking Christmas Dinner Without Losing Your Cool
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Christmas Day is fast approaching, and while that means presents and fun for the younger members of the family, for many of us it means spending hours in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove. Even if you enjoy cooking, Christmas dinner is enough to get anyone hot and bothered, so we’ve got five suggestions for products which will help to cool and soothe your skin after tackling the turkey.

Elemis Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

If your eye area is feeling fatigued, you could also be dealing with puffiness and dark circles. Elemis has developed this eye gel to battle the signs of fatigue and instantly refresh and soothe the eye area. The complex of sugar beet extract, yeast and golden root helps to reduce the appearance of tired eyes, whilst British white willow and olivine extract, rich in magnesium,  cools, revitalises and hydrates the eye area.

Dermalogica All Over Toner

Although this range is developed for teenage skin, plenty of us suffer with acne right through our twenties and thirties. This toner s a purifying mist that controls excess oil and helps eliminate breakouts on the face and body with salicylic acid. Twelve gentle botanicals cool, refresh, energise and revive skin.

Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel

Your neck and shoulders are highly susceptible to feeling hot and tense during times of stress (are the Yorkshire Puddings rising properly? Has anyone checked the roasties?!) so keeping some of Elemis’ Instant Refreshing Gel on hand is a good idea. Containing cooling camphor and menthol this instant revitaliser is perfect for tired legs and muscle tension, especially on the shoulders, neck, temples and across the forehead.

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner

This toner from Dermalogica is an ultra-light toner with moisture-binding humectants that helps condition and prepare the skin for proper moisture absorption. Arnica and cucumber extracts help keep skin smooth and refreshed and help to soothe and cool the skin while reducing redness and irritation.

Elemis Lip Revive

The lips often feel chapped at Christmas, between the heat of the kitchen, sips of Baileys and too many kisses under the mistletoe! Elemis created its Lip Revive from white beeswax and peppermint extract to give the lips a cooling boost as well as soothing dry, chapped, and sore lips.

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