Five Beauty Trends We’re Happy to Say Goodbye to in 2019!

Feather Brows
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2018 has been one of the biggest years in living memory for beauty trends. Some of them were amazing game-changers that altered the way we do things forever, and some of them were nothing more than whacky quirks which no-one should really be doing. Today, we thought we’d take a look at five of the worst trends which we’ll be happy to wave goodbye to:


Okay, so we can’t claim that we’re not fans of a neat, slightly bold brow as it does our faces no end of favours in terms of framing. However, people in 2018 took their eyebrow obsessions too far and we saw weird spiky brows, brows which looked like feathers and even brightly coloured brows. We hope that everyone has got it out of their system and 2019 will be the year for sensible, tidy eyebrows!

Fake Freckles

We love freckles, and natural ones look super cute, but using products like fake tan to create freckles over the top of our make-up just seems like waaaay too much effort. We’re hoping that 2019 will be more about embracing what you’ve got, instead of creating fakery, and empowering women to find beauty in their own skin.

Rose Gold Hair

Let’s face it, rose gold has been a favourite for a while now and it’s probably here to stay, but rose gold hair was just a step too far for us. Aside from being unflattering on the vast majority of people, it takes INSANE levels of maintenance to stay looking good, and most of us needed to bleach the life out of our hair first in order to get the colour to take. Next year, we’re staying firmly away whacky hair colours and opting for something a bit more natural!

Insane Nails

2018 seems to have been all about pushing boundaries, and this has been really clear with some of the manicures we’ve seen this year. Everything from hairy nails to nails which look like teeth, and we are SO OVER IT. We’re starting 2019 with a simple French manicure and hope that the rest of the world follows our example.

Yellow Make Up

Everyone from Margot Robbie to Beyonce went crazy for yellow eye looks last summer, and while we’re sure it’s something that celebrities can rock with minimal effort, the rest of us struggled to make it look like anything other than mild jaundice. Unless someone comes up with a way for us non-make-up artists to do yellow eyes without making ourselves look ill, we’re happy to consign it to the archives!

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