Get Super Clean Without Dryness

Get Super Clean Without Dryness
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When you suffer with dry skin, it can be really difficult to find a balance between products which make your face feel really clean, removing all traces of dirt and make-up, and products which don’t dry your skin out. Typically, many cleansing products can also be quite drying, so we thought we’ve have a look at what we have to offer and curate a list for you, containing products which will get your skin clean without drying it out:

Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution

This creamy cleanser from Dermalogica is designed to nourish the skin and add moisture as it cleans, ensuring your skin is free from pore-blocking sebum and make-up, yet soft and supple. It’s water-soluble and soothing, and is perfect for skin which is prematurely ageing or very dry.

Elemis Sensitive Cleansing Wash

This cleanser from Elemis, which comes in a pump bottle for easy use, contains soothing extracts of thyme, German chamomile and lady’s mantle, which provide anti-bacterial properties. The wash itself is soothing and calms dry, sensitive skin which contains no soap, ensuring your skin is thoroughly cleansed without altering its delicate pH balance.

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover

Eye make-up is notoriously hard to remove, especially if it’s waterproof, and using harsh cleansers when you have dry skin is a big no-no. This make-up remover from Dermalogica is designed especially for the eyes, and will instantly dissolve all traces of eye and lip make-up, including stubborn mascara. The oil-free, alcohol-free formula allows for sting-free make-up removal, without dehydrating the delicate eye area.

Decleor Bi-phase Caring Cleanser and Makeup Remover

This cleanser from Decleor uses a blend of virgin botanical oils and floral water, which you can actually see as separate layers before you shake the bottle! It wipes away all traces of even the most stubborn make-up whilst nourishing the skin and boosting radiance. It can be used in the shower or on a pad, making it as versatile as it is sensitive.

Decleor Hydra-Radiance Cleansing Mousse

This cleanser from Decleor has a mousse-like texture which will deep cleanse and soften the skin leaving it clean and velvety soft. It’s made from a combination of gentle ingredients such as grape juice, papaya extract and Japanese white mulberry which combine to exfoliate and gently slough away dull, dead skin cells to leave the skin crystal clear with visible clarity and luminosity after just one use.

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