5 Ways That Stress Plays Havoc With Your Skin

5 Ways That Stress Plays Havoc With Your Skin
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We all know how damaging stress can be to our health, but did you know that it can also cause problems with your complexion, too? Here are just five ways that stress can cause skin issues, some of which may never have even occured to you:

It Lowers Your Immune System

Stress can have a depressive effect on your immune system, making it harder for your skin to heal and making it more susceptible to bacteria which can cause spots to breakout. If you’re experiences stress-related breakouts, keeping some Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray on hand could be a great help. It contains bacteria-killing tea tree which will stop spots in their tracks when your immune system isn’t working at full throttle.

It Interrupts Sleep

Regardless of your school of thought when it comes to beauty, there’s one fundamental thing that everyone knows  – sleep is essential for healing. Unfortunately, people who are stressed, rarely experience good sleep and even when it seems like you’ve had eight ours, you’ve probably been in and out of proper slumber all night long. If you’re struggling to relax, massaging a little Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm into your temples can help to unwind your muscles and your mind, bringing sleep along a little easier.

It Releases Hormones With Make You Age

Stress releases hormones which can speed up the ageing process, and while your body is busy dealing with fending off this damage, it’s dropping the ball with other types of damage such as sun and pollution, making you doubly vulnerable. Give your skin a fighting chance by using Decleor Daily Defence Fluid Shield SPF30, which will not only defend against, and reverse, the signs of ageing, it also protects you against the sun’s harmful rays, too.

It Makes You Frown

This one may seem basic, but excessive frowning can deepen the lines around your eyes and forehead, making you look old beyond your years. Frown lines can be really hard to get rid of, hence the rise in dermal fillers, but attacking the problem with Decleor Lift Wrinkle Filler before it gets too deep can reverse the effects of stress and frowning.

It Can Increase Your Risk of Skin Cancer

It would be wildly wrong to suggest that stress can give you skin cancer, but it can definitely make you more susceptible, as it’s been discovered that the immune system plays a role in preventing skin cancer. If you’re bogged down by stress, it can leave you open to risk.  “Stress lowers our immune system in general, but now researchers have found that your immune system’s response to fighting basal cell skin cancers is also affected,” says Dr. Bowe, a New York dermatologist.

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