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At Pure Beauty not only do we pride ourselves in selling some of the best products in the world, but also on our customer service. We appreciate loyalty and return business and to say thanks we are currently offering triple reward points on all orders so you can treat yourself in the future.

How does this work we hear you ask?

It is really easy.

Every time you order something from us we will give you triple the reward points than usual so you can bank the points and use them to buy special in the future.

With some much on offer on the site, we have put together some of our favourites to inspire you:

With summer on the way and skin needing a little help, you can’t go wrong with the Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream. Suitable for all skin types this creams is quickly absorbed and quickly gets to work smoothing away dull, rough skin leaving soft and supple.

The cream is packed with botanical goodness that include:

  • Natural acids from sugar cane and apple extracts help smooth the skin.
  • Japanese green tea extracts help calm the skin and essential oils of lavender, patchouli and orange soften it.
  • Lemongrass oil and the naturally toning properties of rosemary revitalise the skin leaving it summer ready after the first application.

Modern day life is busy and stressful so why not get away from it all with the help of Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil? The unique blend of soothing lavender, sandalwood and orange oils is the favourite of many clients, and staff, and with good reason. As you rub it into your skin you will feel your mind and muscles relax. You can also combine the oil with the Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream, use it as a stress relieving scalp treatment, add it to the bath for the ultimate soak and it is perfect for body massages. One product, lots of uses!

If you want to add life and lusciousness to your locks, why not switch to Dermalogica’s Therapy Shampoo? It can be used daily and the mix of essential oils not only help reduce product and dirt build-up it also infuses your hair with a brilliant shine that will make you the envy of family and friends. As you massage in the extracts of saponaria, lemon and tea tree they will purify and stimulate the scalp. Extracts of lavender, ylang-ylang and eucalyptus remove excess oil, restore lift and bounce. The result is clean, shiny, gorgeous hair free of flakiness thanks to the addition of citric acid.

At Pure Beauty we think you can never have enough handcreams and we are never without a tube of Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment. A combination of Provitamin B5, algae extract and pure sweet almond oil help heal dry, rough hands and provide an invisible barrier against the elements. As well as leaving you with softer, smoother, happier skin, this cream will also strengthens nails, alleviate splitting and breakage and putting an end to those dry, cracked cuticles.

If you need any further information on these, or any other products, please email and we’ll be very happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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