Five Product s to Keep The Frizz Under Control

Five Product s to Keep The Frizz Under ControlPhoto by Helena Jankovičová Kováčová from Pexels

Unless you’re one of those extremely rare creatures whose hair is like a sheet of silk, you’ll probably find spending time in a hot and steamy kitchen this Christmas could have a fairly negative effect on your frizz levels. If you’ve spent the morning making your hair look great and styling it within an inch of its life, the last thing you want to be dealing with ifrizz that you can’t control. However,  there is no need to panic as here at Pure Beauty we’ve got a whole bunch of products which can help you to banish the frizz and flyaways this Christmas.Here are five of the best:

GHD Dramatic Ending Smooth and Finish Serum

This serum from GHD is designed to be used after styling your hair and provides a smooth finish and an extra boost of shine. It won’t weigh your hair down like a lot of other serums or leave you with an oily look to your hair, and it can even be used on curly, frizzy and coarse hair while still damp to provide some extra smoothing power. It can also reduce the appearance of split ends.

Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother

There’s a very good reason that Olaplex products have the reputation that they do – it’s because they work very well. Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother is a styling cream which is designed to be left in before blow drying your hair. The cream will hydrate, strengthen and moisturise your locks and can even speed up blow dry times. It doesn’t weigh the hair down, despite providing a highly concentrated smoothing effect and the results will last for up to 72 hours.

GHD Perfect Ending-Final Fix Hairspray

Hairspray has been women’s go-to product for controlling their hair for decades. However not all hairsprays are created equal! GHD’s Perfect Ending Final Fix Hairspray will keep your hair in place for many hours but can be easily brushed out so that you can restyle your hair whenever you want. It provides a firm hold which doesn’t feel crunchy and crispy to the touch and is humidity resistant making it your perfect ally in the kitchen this Christmas.

Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair

Many products that are designed for curly hair seem fairly outdated now, leaving your hair looking stiff and crunchy. Color Wow Dream Coat takes the best elements from several different curly hair treatments and rolls them into one, to create a product which moisturises conditions and de-frizzes curly hair while keeping it bouncy and flexible. The resulting curls are perfectly coiled, hydrated and healthy and offer levels of shine never before seen.

Evolve Organic Beauty Nourishing Hair Elixir

Many hair products rely on silicon to create smoothness and shine, however this is not the best ingredient for your hair as it can build up over time and leave it looking dull and lacklustre. This hair elixir from Evolve Organic Beauty uses 100% natural oils such as organic argan oil, organic baobab oil and Tahitian monoi to create a winning formula for controlling frizz and keeping your curls protected from environmental damages.

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