Get Glam for Christmas With Pure Beauty

Get Glam for Christmas with Pure Beauty

Photo by Gabb Tapique from Pexels

For many of us, Christmas is a prime time for pampering and getting glam for the celebrations. Although this Christmas is going to be much quieter in many households, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the time to focus on yourself and still look your best even for a day spent at home. With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you five of our favourite products for a super glam home makeover, which you can get your hands on before the festive period.

Skin Abode Contour Pro Face Massager

Before you even start the process of making yourself look beautiful, prepping your skin can make a huge difference to both how your make up sits and your overall feeling of well-being. The Skin Abode Contour Pro Face Massager uses deep tissue massage, which can help to lift your brow line, tighten any sagging jowls and make your cheekbones more defined. It’s made from medical grade aluminium and zinc alloy and will aid lymphatic draining and circulation to make your skin brighter, tighter and more radiant.

Olaplex Hair Rescue Kit

Almost 2 years of lockdown and uncertainty meant that many of us resorted to doing our own hair and this has resulted in some fairly frazzled locks. The Olaplex Hair Rescue Kit is the perfect stocking filler for anybody who wants to revive their tresses, and includes the No.3 Hair Perfecter, the No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, the No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner and the No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment. It contains everything you need for the best start with the Olaplex brand.

St Tropez Best Sellers Kit

A glowing tan is part and parcel of feeling glamorous for many of us especially with the U.K.’s unpredictable weather. St Tropez’s Best Sellers Kit contains their award-winning Self Tan Express, the Luxe Applicator Mitt and their Tan Remover Mousse. The mitt makes application easy and seamless and depending on how long you choose to leave the self tanner on you could have either a light sunkissed glow, a medium golden tan or a deep, dark bronze tan.

Nouveau Strip Lashes – Glamour Style 4

If you haven’t had the time ahead of the busy Christmas season to have semi permanent lashes, then these strip lashes are about as glamorous as you can get with temporary strip lashes. They offer maximum length and volume as well as a full and lifted lookwhile being  lightweight and reusable. The lashes are 100% vegan, as is the Vegan Ultrabond Striplash Adhesive, so you can be sure that your lashes are cruelty free.

GHD Air Hair Drying Kit

Let’s be honest everyone feels more glamorous after a big bouncy blow dry, but not everybody has the time or funds to hit the salon before the big day. Investing in a GHD Air Hair Drying Kit means that you will have everything you need at home to give your hair a salon style finish which is smooth and volumised. The hairdryer itself uses advanced ionic technology which encourages natural waves and volume, and has an ergonomic design which is perfect for both right and left-handed users.

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