Make 2020 Your Feel Good Year

Make 2020 Your Feel Good Year
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If you’re anything like us, you probably started 2020 with the best of intentions. And again, if you’re anything like us, many of these good intentions have probably already fallen by the wayside with January barely even over! However, just because we’re already 1/12th of the way through the year doesn’t mean that you don’t still have the opportunity to make 2020 your ultimate feel good year. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of five things that you should be doing this year to make it your ultimate feel good year.

Sleep More

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; sleep is your ultimate ally when it comes to everything from healing from illnesses to keeping your skin in good condition. Sleep is when your body goes into self-healing mode and many important processes are taken care of during this time. As well as making sure you get plenty of sleep you need to make sure that your sleep hygiene is on-point. This means sleeping in bed not the sofa, turning the TV off and putting your phone or devices down well before it’s time to sleep to protect yourself from blue light, and making sure that the bedroom is just for sleep and not catching up on those last few emails before you turn in!

Get Some Exercise

We all know that exercise is imperative for keeping our bodies healthy but exercise will have a knock-on effect on so many other parts of your life. When we get exercise sleep tends to come easier, our bodies produce happy hormones which have a great effect on the skin and aging process, and stress and tension are also relieved by moving around more.

Eat Better

This is usually the New Year’s resolution which falls by the wayside the quickest especially when we make a pledge to eat better while there’s still Christmas sweets and booze in the house. However, we are a month into the year which means the Quality Street tins should be empty and the Baileys should have been moved firmly to the back of the cupboard by now. Eating better doesn’t have to be difficult – just increase your intake of veggies, reduce the amount of red meat you’re eating and try to restrict yourself to three healthy meals a day rather than snacking in-between.

Cut Down on the Booze

If you haven’t taken part in Dry January, you may still be having that glass of wine in the evening with your dinner and drinking regularly at the weekends. While this may not feel like it’s having a huge effect on your personal health or complexion, you might be surprised by the results if you were to give up altogether, or at the very least drastically cut your consumption down.

Take Time for Yourself

We hear from our clients all the time that they simply don’t have time to do things for themselves, but actually if you were to take a real look at what you do during the day there’s probably plenty of time to have a moment to yourself, you just need to prioritise. Also bear in mind that taking time for yourself doesn’t have to be some grand thing; it could be as simple taking 10 minutes to read a chapter of your book, watching an episode of a show you like or playing a game on your phone.

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