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Dermalogica Active MoistLet’s face it, oily skin can be a nightmare.

Oily skin occurs when there is an over production of sebum from the sebaceous glands that are under your skin’s surface.

Sebum is made of fats and while it can help to protect and moisturise your skin and keep your hair shiny and healthy, it can also can lead to clogged pores, shine and acne.

Genetics, hormone changes and stress can all lead to an increase sebum production, so we have had a look at some products that might help keep your oliy skin happy.

Getting mosituriers that work with oily skin can be hard, but the Decleor Velvet Mattifying Fluid is a good option. Made with an oxygenating complex this cream helps the skin to breathe and in turn, improves cellular activity and helps deal with oily, lifeless skin. After application, skin is left hydrated, refined and fresh because the oil is rebalanced. This cream can be used after cleansing and toning, and we think it is worth a try.

The Jan Marini Bioglycolic Oily Skin Cleansing Gel is a deep follicular cleansing gel that leaves skin feeling super clean and soft. Over time, using this cleanser can help your skin appear less oily and instead smoother and more refined. The gel-based formula is paraben free and the Glycolic Acid targets, and treats, excessively oily and acne prone complexions.

Oily skin can also be dehydrated, and this is why many of our customers like using the Dermalogica Active Moist cream.This lightweight, oil-free lotion is perfect for daily use and actively combats destructive surface dehydration. The sheer, easy-to-apply formula comes with a serving of special Silk Amino Acids which help smooth and improve the skin’s texture. Added botanical astringents of Lemon, Watercress, Burdock and Ivy plus soothing extracts of Lavender, Mallow and Cucumber, this is like a hug in a moisturiser for oily skins.

All skin, even oily skin, needs a little TLC and this is where the Decleor 2 in 1 Purifying and Oxygenating Mask comes in. This gorgeous, exfoliating mask deeply mattifies oily skin so that it is left feeling soft and fresh. Bamboo Tears cleanse the skin while Egyptian Loofah Fibres take away those clogging, dead cells that can be so greying. White Jojoba has been added to the mix to restore hydration and using this product for ten minutes a couple of times a week can make a big difference to oily skin.

If you want to really kick that oily issue into touch, how about trying the Dermalogica Oily Skin Kit? This is a one stop shop that helps to reduce shine and prevent breakouts, so that skin is smoother and happier than ever. First up in this kit is the Dermal Clay Cleanser which is made with Kaolin and Green Clays that purify and remove excess oil. You can then spritz on critical hydration with the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner which comes with skin loving Aloe and Balm Mint that soothes and calms too. Shine can be a problem with oily skin, but this is eliminated with the Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion which contains an exclusive oil-absorbing microsponge technology. Finally we have to mention the Dermaglocia Skin Prep Scrub which gets down and dirty, removing dulling dead cells and leaving behind smooth, healthy skin that you are 100% happy with.

If you have oily skin and would like to try a couple of samples before making an investment, get in touch today and we would love to help.

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