Your Skin Type is Changing – What’s the Cause?

Your Skin Type is Changing – What’s the Cause?
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It’s very common for people to have one skin type their whole life and then for things to change – dry skin becomes oily, oily skin becomes sensitive, or skin which has always been ‘normal’ suddenly presents you with issues. As common as this may be, there are often underlying reasons for such a change, and identifying those reasons could help you to fix things. Here are five factors which can affect your skin type:


We know women get bored of hearing this one, but hormones play a massive factor in many different areas of our body, with the skin being one of the most noticeable. Changes in birth control, pregnancy, puberty, menopause – these are ALL dictated by hormones and will all likely cause noticeable changes in your complexion.


The seasons of the year can also play a part in affecting your skin. Many acne sufferers find their spots dramatically reduced when it’s sunny, while those of us prone to dry skin will usually find it worsens during autumn and winter, then the central heating goes on. Adjusting your skincare routine when the weather changes can really help you to get a handle on this.


If you’ve lived in a city your whole life and you up sticks and move to the country, you might find your skin makes a massive improvement, thanks to the lack of pollutants in the air. Conversely, if you’re a lifelong country girl and move to a more populated area, you might find your skin suffers at first. Using good anti-pollution is a must to protect your skin from your new environment.


While the theory that eating sugary or fatty foods give you acne was debunked long ago, what you eat and drink can still have an effect on your skin. You need a balanced diet containing plenty of vitamins and minerals for your skin to thrive, as well as ensuring that you keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and drinking plenty of water. Fail to follow this and your skin will likely end up suffering.

Wrong Skincare

Believe it or not, but using the wrong skincare can actually do more harm than good. Products containing salicylic acid can be too potent for sensitive skins types, oil-based moisturisers can be too rich for oily skin and dry skin might not be getting enough hydration from your current regime. Take a look at what your skin is doing right now and think about replacing your current products with a targeted skin kit to see if it makes a difference.

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