Don’t Neglect Your Neck!

Don’t Neglect Your Neck!
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It’s all well and good following a strict regime of facial care, but if you’re not taking care of your neck and chest, the whole thing is pointless. Despite being one of the main areas to show signs of ageing, the neck is probably one of the more neglected areas, with many people’s skincare routine stopping at their chin.

If you’re a neck neglecter, it’s never too late to start caring for your under-face areas, and we’ve got a whole bunch of products to help you do it.

Decleor 24 Hour Hydrating Rich Cream

This richly hydrating cream is ideal if you need something to deal with dry and ageing skin, and is perfect for this time of year, when many of us need an extra boost of moisture to help fight against cold winds and central heating. The cream contains extracts of wild pansy and samphire, as well as neroli essential oil, and is specifically formulated to use on both the face and the neck.

Elemis White Brightening Dark Spot Corrector

Dark spots are a sure-fire sign of ageing skin, and can give you away even if you’ve got the most wrinkle-free face imaginable. Dark spots often appear of the neck, as well as the face and hands, so targeting them with something which will reduce the hyper-pigmentation is important. This dark spot corrector visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots, age spots and existing imperfections, giving you a much more even and youthful skin tone.

Decleor Anti-Pollution Hydrating Active Lotion

One of the newer products to hit Pure Beauty’s shelves, this lotion offers the hydrating power of a rich cream in the form of a fresh and light lotion. It provides all-day moisture and can be used on all skin types, providing protection against pollution particles, and leaving skin feeling plumped. Massage into your neck and face daily for best results.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Neck and Decollete Balm

Elemis knows the absolute importance of looking after your neck and chest, which is why they’ve produced this balm specifically for the area. It contains sea buckthorn oil and fatty acid Omega-7, which combine to help visibly improve the appearance of skin elasticity and smoothness, reducing the appearance of crepiness and skin slackening.

Decleor Magnolia Youthful Night Balm

This balm from Decleor, which is intended for use on face and neck, is one of the most potent products they have to offer and is made from 100% natural origin ingredients. Not only does it leave the skin looking plumped and firmer, it gives the skin a luminescent glow, and helps you to wake up looking rejuvenated.

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