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Decleor Circularome Stimulating Body Serum (100ml)

We love Decleor at Pure Beauty and at the moment we have some excellent discounts on a range of items, so now is your chance to get world-class products at fantastic prices.

The Decleor Circularome Stimulating Body Serum is a brilliant beauty must have and we have it prices down from £44 to just £30.80. This 100% pure super serum, helps stimulate and boost your circulation making it the perfect pick me up for tired bodies and dull skin. This stimulating body oil isn’t heavy or greasy but instead the sheer weightlessness of the liquid tones and invigorates your skin leaving it beautiful once again.

Down from £20.50 to £17.50, is the Decleor Fresh Purifying Gel. This easy to use, fresh gel gently cleanses often tricky to treat combination to oily skin. Ylang Ylang essential oil purifies the skin and peppermint water naturally refreshes it. This gel lathers into a soft mousse when mixed with water and can be used every day as part of a complete beauty care routine. Simply massage the mouse into your face using light, circular movements from the neck to the forehead and then lightly pinch the skin, especially around the t-zone and this will not only oxygenate it but also eliminate excess problem creating sebum. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

For just £15.40 (was £20.50) you can now buy the outstanding Decleor Fresh Matifying Lotion and this is perfect for getting the most out of the purifying gel we just talked about. Perfect for combination to oily skin, this fresh lotion purifies complexions, leaving them at peace and able to breath. Ylang Ylang essential oil has been added to balance the skin and keep it content. Papaya extract is an effective exfoliant and the added mineral powders get to work absorbing excess sebum so the skin feels fresh once again.

We adore the Decleor Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm at Pure Beauty and it is now at a reduced price of £25.80, down from £43. This unique slimming balm helps your body regain its natural shape and is specifically aimed at combating the appearance of cellulite. It does this by stimulating your micro-circulation and de-congesting saturated tissues. Ongoing use, combined with diet and exercise, helps to tone your body and in turn reduce the appearance of orange-peel skin so you can feel confident once again.

Decleor Slim Effect Localised Contouring Gel-Cream is a clever contouring cream and a powerful localised treatment from cellulite that has now been reduced to £24.60. The gorgeous gel, has a fresh fragrance and matte texture that is easy to use. One applied it is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps to promote the reduction of existing fat cells and prevent new ones from forming. It also stimulate the skin’s microcirculation and breaks down those stubborn saturated tissues. Not only can this product restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness but it also makes it look more hydrated, smoother and firmer.

Finally, we have the Decleor Youth Activator Body Serum at the bargain price of £32.20. This is a unique anti-ageing serum that contains a blend of essential and plant oils that are perfect for helping mature skin look amazing. The serum can be applied morning or night to problem areas such as the thighs, stomach, neck and back of the arms and this will provide vital hydration and nourishment so that your skin is softer and smoother for longer.

For more details about these products, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the team and they will be delighted to help.

Team Pure-Beauty

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