Applying foundation

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation available from Pure Beauty OnlineDermalogica’s Treatment Foundations are oil-free and non-sensitising so that they don’t clog pores or irritate the skin. They also contain anti-oxidant vitamins and natural humectants to help the skin retain moisture. Using a foundation that is kind to your skin sounds great, but it needs to be applied properly if it’s going to look great too!

  • Always start with clean and moisturised skin so that it is soft and protected and provides the best base for your foundation. If you can wait about twenty minutes between applying your moisturiser and putting on foundation, do.
  • Use concealer to camouflage any blemishes or dark circles; a more targeted coverage will look better than applying a thicker layer of foundation to the skin.
  • Treatment Foundations are delivered with two hypo-allergenic sponges which make it much easier to apply the foundation evenly and quickly. Make sure that you use the sponge to blend well, paying particular attention to the hairline, eyebrows and jaw line.
  • Treatment Foundations allow either a sheer coverage or concealing coverage, so that it can be adapted to changes in the skin.

It is always important to make sure that the colour of the foundation is a match for your skin tone if you are aiming for a natural look. And don’t forget to wash your sponges after use so they don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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