A faster way to get spots under control

Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster available from Pure Beauty OnlineBreakouts of spots can be a pain at any time, but some may be finding that holiday weather can have the unfortunate effect of provoking blemishes at the very time you don’t want them. Dermalogica can offer a solution, however, in the form of its Special Clearing Booster.

This treatment contains Benzoyl Peroxide, Zinc Sulfate, Tea Tree and Sage; this is a mixture designed to control the bacteria that cause spots, reduce irritation and speed up the clearing up of existing spots. So, not only does it treat the spots that are already there, it also prevents new ones from forming!

The skin is soothed by Calendula and Chamomile extracts, while the Zinc Sulfate helps to regulate sebum production (again, reducing the likelihood of future breakouts). It can be applied every six to eight hours until the spots are under control, and it is best applied to clean skin and before moisturising.

If you are suffering from breakouts and are struggling to get them under control, then this and other products from the MediBac range can help you to treat your skin effectively. Good skincare products can help to get acne under control so that it doesn’t control your life.

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