The Beauty Shortlist selects Total Eye Care SPF15

Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF15 available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe Beauty Shortlist is a blog dedicated to beauty products (as the name suggests) like many others. Its success has been such, however, that it has been long listed by Marie Claire for its 2012 Beauty Blog Awards and has been nominated as one of the ‘Best of the Bloggers’ for Natural Beauty’s 2012 Yearbook.

All this suggests that it may be worth listening to what this blog has to say, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity of pointing out that The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2012 selected Dermalogica’s Total Eye Care SPF15 for the category of Best Eye Cream.

The blog has a simple aim: to showcase the best beauty products out there, and they are judged on how well they work, how safe they are and how good they feel to use. The founders also place great emphasis on ethics and avoiding hype and unrealistic promises.

This seems a sound basis on which to assess the quality of beauty products and makes a place on a shortlist even more valuable. Total Eye Care SPF15 has always been a popular purchase, with customers reporting that it brightens the delicate skin around the eye, making it look and feel great. It also provides protection from the dreaded UV rays that can damage and dehydrate the skin, leading to fine lines and crow’s feet.

Great for all skin types, this product is ideal if you have yet to find your ideal eye care treatment: it works, it’s safe and it feels great to use!

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