Why bother with a toner?

Dermalogica Toners available from Pure Beauty OnlineUsing a toner as part of your skin care routine can offer certain benefits for your complexion; using the wrong type for your skin can create problems, however.

A good toner should reduce the appearance of pores and prepare the skin for moisturiser, but if you choose one that is too harsh for your skin type you could end up with skin that is dry and irritated that is stimulated to produce excess sebum to compensate.

Dermalogica Toners are designed to satisfy the needs of individual skin types while refreshing and protecting the complexion:

• Acne-prone teenage skin needs to be treated with care; many off-the-shelf products can strip the skin of natural moisture, causing irritation and even more oil. All Over Clear hydrates and calms irritated skin, gently controls oil and shine, and revives and refreshes the complexion. The handy spray means it can be used easily on the face or the body.

Multi-Active Toner lightly hydrates, refreshes, softens and purifies the skin, evening out porosity to ensure the ideal surface for applying moisturiser. The spray format is hygienic and practical, minimising waste and allowing easy application throughout the day. Great for all skin types.

• Dry or prematurely ageing skin needs extra help and protection in order to combat the damage caused by our environment. The Antioxidant HydraMist protects the skin against free radicals, offers an instant tightening or lifting effect and provides moisture to help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

• Sensitised or reactive skin can prove difficult to manage on a day to day basis. It can be uncomfortable and the redness associated with inflammation can be difficult to conceal. UltraCalming Mist is ideal for bringing relief to this skin type: it soothes the skin, reducing sensitivity and calming inflammation, while providing much-needed moisture.

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