How precleansing can make all the difference

Dermalogica PrecleanseYou may be wondering why you would need to ‘pre-cleanse’ your skin, especially if you feel that your cleanser should do the job on its own. Pre-cleansing can, however, offer a number of benefits that make it a step you would find well worth your while to integrate into your skin care regime.

Dermalogica’s Precleanse is designed to prepare the skin for deep cleansing by dissolving make-up, sun cream, pollution and sebum. When you apply it to the skin, all the impurities on the surface are emulsified and can be rinsed away to leave your skin ready for the next step of cleansing deep into your pores.

Pores look and feel clearer, and the skin is softened, soothed and nourished, ensuring that it is in optimum condition for cleansing. If you have skin that is prone to congestion and blemishes, adding this simple step can help you to discover a clearer, much improved complexion.

Once you have rinsed away the Precleanse, follow it by cleansing your skin using your usual Dermalogica cleanser for a deep clean worthy of any skin care professional! Your skin will thank you for it and reward you with a radiant and above all healthy complexion you will not want to hide under layers of make-up!

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