The importance of sleep to the skin

Most of us have had the importance of getting 8 hours sleep a night drummed into us now, and whilst it might not always be possible to enjoy a full 8 hours, it does pay to get as much shut eye as possible.

Sleep isn’t just vital when it comes to leaving you feeling refreshed, healthy, re-energised and ready to face the day ahead though, it’s also incredibly important as far as the condition of the skin is concerned.

Whilst you may be lucky enough to get away with a couple of late nights without the skin suffering too much every now and again, regular depriving yourself of adequate sleep will really deprive your skin.

During the course of the average day, the skin can be put under a lot of stress- environmental factors can stress skin out a lot.

Applying good skin care products and settling down for a good night’s sleep can help to restore the state of the skin though- leaving it looking bright and perky the following day rather than stressed out.

Compliment your 8 hour’s sleep with Dermalogica skin care products and start every day with stunning skin.

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