Less time controlling oil= more time having fun

If you’re amongst the many individuals who unfortunately find themselves fighting excess oil every single day, you’ll know just how time consuming it can be.

Trying to control excess oil during the day whilst you’re working, learning or looking after the family can be annoying enough, although when you’re trying to enjoy a fun night out with friends, oil control duties can be even more of a pain.

With many people having to cut back on nights out nowadays, it goes without saying that any opportunity to get out and about to enjoy a delicious drink, gossip and dance should be made the most of. When excess oil refuses to disappear though, this can sometimes be easier said than done.

Choosing and using the right products will enable those who have skin which is prone to excess oil production to spend less time controlling oil and more time having fun though, and there are now many great oil control products out there which don’t cost the earth.

Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion is one such product, and as it can be applied under makeup, it’s perfect for those nights out on the town.

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