Spots won’t stand a chance

Waking up in the morning and glancing into the bathroom mirror- only to be confronted by spots- certainly isn’t the most ideal of scenarios, and it can put a real dampener on the day ahead.

None of us want our day to go downhill before it’s even properly started though, although thankfully there are steps which can be taken which can help to reduce the chances of spots making their presence known.

It may sounds boring, but eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can make all the difference to the state of your skin- burning the candle at both ends and living off a diet of junk food certainly won’t do you any favours.

Making sure that your skin care regime is up to scratch will also go a long way in ensuring that spots don’t strike- a good cleanser is unbelievably important here.

A good cleanser should cleanse skin deep down without drying it out or making it overly oily- there are many Dermalogica cleansers which tick both of these boxes.

If you are prone to blemishes, there are also lots of great control products out there which can be used in conjunction with and which will enhance your normal skin care regime.

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