Sun protection doesn’t mean surrendering your must-have moisturiser

Finding a moisturiser which properly suits your skin can take time, so when you do eventually find it, you won’t be too keen to give it up.

However, everyone knows how important it is to protection the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays- especially in the summer when skin which isn’t properly protected is prone to becoming damaged even more easily.

If your must-have moisturiser doesn’t contain SPF though, you could be left facing a bit of a dilemma and wonder what to do for the best. You certainly don’t need to though, as all you need to do is head straight for Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster.

Mix Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster in with your favourite Dermalogica moisturiser and you instantly get to enjoy SPF 30 protection without making any sacrifices.

The Solar Defence Booster protects against UVA, UVB and infra red rays and is great for use whether you’re out enjoying the sun at home or abroad.

Applying Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster will only add mere seconds to your daily skin care regime, so it’s clear to see why it’s such a winning product for so many people.

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