Don’t start with a shiny foundation

For many women, foundation is one of their must-have cosmetics, and some of the foundations which are available today are fantastic at achieving a really flawless finish.

However, the thing about some oil-based foundations is that, although they can initially provide you with a flawless looking matte base, it’s often not long before it starts to look a little on the shiny side.

Nobody wants to spend their day wearing a foundation which makes their skin look shiny, and for those whose skin is already a little on the oily side, these foundations can make things even worse.

Starting the day with an oily base isn’t likely to provide you with a good outlook in hours to come, although you don’t have to give your foundation up altogether as you can simply swap your oil-based product for an oil-free alternative.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation is a fantastic oil-free foundation which provides skin with a smooth, flawless base without making skin look shiny, and comes in a wide spectrum of shades.

Another fantastic feature of Dermalogica Treatment foundation its adjustable coverage, so you can create a really sheer base or a base which helps you conceal blemishes- all without the need for any oil whatsoever.

Don’t start with a shiny foundation, start and end the day with a beautiful base.

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