Get Your Hands Ready for Spring

Get Your Hands Ready for SpringPhoto by Rheza Aulia

With Easter just around the corner and the warmer weather FINALLY starting to emerge, many of us are shedding the heavy layers of winter and opting for lighter seasonal fashions. This goes for your nails, too, and there’s never been a better time to prep your hands and give yourself a manicure with pretty pastel shades to compliment the sunshine. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of five of our favourite products for an at-home Spring manicure:

CND Cuticle Eraser

Prepping your nails for spring involves more than just applying polish; it’s about ensuring they’re healthy and ready to shine. Enter CND Cuticle Eraser, your secret weapon for achieving flawless nails this season. Formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and moisturising agents, this innovative product gently exfoliates and hydrates, leaving your cuticles soft and smooth. By removing dry, overgrown cuticles, CND Cuticle Eraser creates the perfect canvas for your springtime manicures. Say goodbye to ragged edges and hello to beautifully groomed nails that are primed for any springtime adventure.

Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream

Enriched with nutrient-rich ingredients like omega-7-rich sea buckthorn and milk protein, this luxurious cream deeply nourishes and hydrates both hands and nails. Its unique blend of botanicals and antioxidants revitalises dull, dry skin, while strengthening nails and promoting healthy growth. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaving behind a silky-smooth finish without greasy residue. By incorporating Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream into your daily regimen, you’ll ensure your hands and nails are pampered and protected, ready to flaunt vibrant springtime manicures with confidence and radiance.

Zero Waste Natural Wooden Nail Brush

As spring approaches, embrace eco-friendly nail care with the Zero Waste Natural Wooden Nail Brush. Crafted from sustainable materials, this brush offers a gentle yet effective way to prep your nails. The sturdy wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand, while the natural bristles provide thorough cleaning without harming the environment. Perfect for removing dirt and debris, it promotes healthy nail growth and prepares your nails for springtime manicures. By choosing the Zero Waste Natural Wooden Nail Brush, you’re not only prioritising your nail health but also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Protein Formula For Nails No:4

Prepare your nails for springtime beauty with Protein Formula For Nails No:4. This advanced formula is specifically designed to strengthen and nourish weak, brittle nails, ensuring they’re ready to withstand the season’s activities. Enriched with a blend of protein, calcium, and keratin, it fortifies nails from within, promoting resilience and preventing breakage. Say goodbye to fragile nails and hello to a vibrant spring manicure that lasts. Incorporate Protein Formula For Nails No:4 into your nail care routine to achieve healthy, beautiful nails that shine with the vitality of the season.

Orly Breathable Just Breathe

This innovative all-in-one formula combines strength, hydration, and vibrant colour in one easy step. Infused with argan oil, vitamin B5, and vitamin C, it nourishes and moisturises nails while allowing them to breathe freely. Say goodbye to the hassle of base coats and top coats; Just Breathe dries quickly and offers long-lasting wear. Its breathable formula helps prevent chipping and peeling, ensuring your manicure stays flawless throughout the season’s activities. With a wide range of fresh spring shades to choose from, Orly Breathable Just Breathe is the perfect choice for vibrant, healthy nails this spring.

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