Five of the Best “Removers” for Post-Party Polishing

Five of the Best “Removers” for Post-Party Polishing

Five of the Best “Removers” for Post-Party PolishingPhoto by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

There’s something about this time of year that makes us feel in the mood for a party. We aren’t sure if it’s the warmer weather making us want to live our best lives at a boozy barbecue every weekend or the fact that the wedding season is in full swing, but the Friday feeling is definitely stronger when the sun is shining!

While it’s all well and good primping and preening to look your best for all of the fab events you’re going to attend, making sure you care for yourself by properly removing everything afterwards is also vital. From false eyelashes to fake tan, you need dedicated products to help you to strip everything back to your natural, glorious self and we’ve got the best removers on the market to help you do so. Here are five of the best:

Nouveau Lash Extension Remover

Having lash extensions at a salon can make you feel super glamorous, even when you don’t have time for makeup. However, finding time to go back to the salon to have lash extensions professionally removed isn’t always possible. This Lash Extension Remover from Nouveau gently and comfortably breaks down the adhesive bonds that hold lash extensions to your lids and conditions your natural lashes at the same time. The formula is safe to use and is vegan friendly, giving you a convenient method of removing your lashes with no training necessary.

Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover

We’ve said it time and time again and no doubt we will say it many more times after this; the key to ensuring a healthy complexion is making sure you remove your makeup at the end of the day. This makeup remover from Elemis is strong enough to remove waterproof mascara and long-wear lipstick, while protecting the delicate eye and lip areas. It contains ingredients which cool and refresh irritated eyes and also conditions your lashes and reinforces the skin’s lipid barrier to prevent water loss.

St.Tropez Tan Remover Mousse

Most of us can agree that having a glowing tan, courtesy of St Tropez, is a great way to feel as though your skin has that healthy bronzed look. However, having a streaky fake tan which is starting to wash off after a few days of wear can take your look from glam to grim all too easily! This Tan Remover Mousse from St Tropez is the quickest and easiest way to remove tan and is even suitable for sensitive skin. It effectively gets rid of all traces of even the darkest tan and only needs to be left on for five minutes before you shower.

Zero Waste Organic Cotton Make Up Remover Pads and Wash Bag

We all know by now how damaging the beauty industry can be to the environment, especially with things like single use wipes, which (to be honest) aren’t even very good for your skin, either! Making the switch to these Organic Cotton Make Up Remover Pads from Zero Waste Organic will help you to effectively remove all of your makeup while allowing you to have a big impact on your carbon footprint. They are 100% biodegradable, so could be put into a compost bin when they are no longer usable and they come with their own cotton wash bag for easy laundering.

Gelish Soak Off Kit

Since lockdown, more people than ever before are doing their own gel manicures at home. Aside from giving everybody a new hobby, it meant that people could keep their nails looking nice while the salons were closed. Doing your own nails is fine, but gel nails need to be properly removed so that you don’t ruin the natural nail beneath, which is why Gelish created this Soak Off Kit which contains everything you need for safe removal of Gelish polish. It all comes in a handy drawstring bag and allows you to get your nails back to their natural best with minimal fuss or damage.

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