Let Pure Beauty Love Your Lashes

Let Pure Beauty Love Your LashesPhoto by Israelzin Oliveira from Pexels

Whether you’re a lash extension devotee, wear falsies on a daily basis or simply love to flutter your natural lashes, you probably know how important it is to care for them properly. There are lots of different products out there which care for both lash extensions and your natural lashes, but one of our favourite brands, Nouveau Lashes, offer products for all types of lash care. Here are five of the best from their range:

Nouveau Triple Enhance Lash Growth Serum

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be born with thick, fluttery lashes, while others of us are dealing with damage and thinning from years of wearing lash extensions. That’s where this Triple Enhance Lash Growth Serum from Nouveau comes in. It’s formulated to help strengthen and fortify natural eyelashes from within, whilst protecting them from free radical damage. It contains multi-vitamins, antioxidants and panthenol, which combine to give your lashes a huge boost.

Nouveau Replenishing Lash and Eye Mist

If you’re a lash extension veteran then you’re probably all too aware of the potential for redness and stinging after you’ve had your extensions installed. This soothing eye mist is designed specifically to minimise eye-stinging, watering, redness and potential irritation caused from residual adhesive fumes at the end of lash extension treatments. It delivers instant, long-lasting hydration to lashes and the complete eye area, without weighing down or impacting lash extensions.

Nouveau Prebiotic Eye Make-Up Remover Gel

Eye make-up can be particularly stubborn to remove, and if you’re also wearing extensions then you don’t want to rub the area too hard to use anything which might compromise the bonds of your extensions. This eye make up remover gel has been created to give you maximum make-up removal power while protecting the glue which holds your extensions in place. It also contains a blend of ingredients which will reduce puffiness and under-eye dark circles, and also help thicken and condition the lashes.

Nouveau Lash Extension Remover

Having lash extensions can make you look and feel fantastic, but once they get past a certain point of shedding, they can start to look untidy. If you’re planning to have them filled in then you’ll probably leave the removal to your lash tech, but not everyone has their lash extensions on a permanent basis and want to take them off after a certain time. Nouveau’s lash extension remover allows you to safely remove your extensions at home without damaging your natural lashes by comfortably breaking down the adhesive bonds.

Nouveau Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser Set

Keeping your lashes and eyelids clean and protected is hugely important, and this lash and lid foaming cleanser set is suitable for use on natural lashes, LVL lashes and lash extensions! The set contains a foaming cleanser which is designed specifically for use on and around the eyes without causing any irritation, as well as the cleverly designed brush with varied bristle layers to deep clean and remove dirt, whilst respecting lash extension bonds.

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