Perfect Your Pout for Kissable Lips this Valentine’s Day

Perfect Your Pout for Kissable Lips this Valentine’s Day

Perfect Your Pout for Kissable Lips this Valentine’s Day

Photo by Guido Fuà on Unsplash

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, the point on the calendar which is supposed to represent all things romantic, and despite being a dreary Monday, we’re sure it’s going to be Date Night for many. If you’re planning on locking lips with someone at the end of the evening (or even if you aren’t) you’ll want to make sure you have a perfectly kissable pout, and these five products can help you to make sure that you do:

Medik8 Eyes and Lips Micellar Cleanse

Choosing the right cleanser for your lips is hugely important because the skin in this area is delicate and prone to dryness. With long-wear lip products being more popular than ever, it’s also important to find a cleanser which can effectively remove all of the product without causing any damage to the skin. This Micellar Cleanse from Medik8 was formulated specifically for the eyes and lips and is powerful enough to dissolve tough waterproof mascara and high pigment lip treatment without tugging at the skin.

Bloom and Blossom Lip Service Nourishing Lip Balm

There are so many different lip balms on the market that sometimes it can feel confusing trying to choose one which is right for you. Many of them contain petroleum-based ingredients, which might feel smooth and slippery on your skin but will in fact leach the hydration from your lips. Bloom and Blossom’s Lip Service Nourishing Lip Balm is 100% naturally derived and contains lanolin, as well as coconut oil, passionflower oil and glycerin, which combine to heal, hydrate and soften your lips.

Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment

It’s all well and good having the softest lips imaginable, but if you don’t also take care of the signs of ageing around your mouth, your pout is going to resemble something far less appealing! Dermalogica’s Nightly Lip Treatment is designed to smooth the appearance of laugh lines and feather lines while you sleep. It hydrates the skin and improves the elasticity around the lips to drastically reduce the signs of ageing and plump the skin around your mouth.

Evolve Organic Beauty Lip Treat

If you suffer from very dry lips you’re going to need a product which is extremely rich and nourishing to help to nurse them back to being soft and kissable. This Lip Treat from Evolve Organic Beauty combines shea butter and cacao butter to replenish dry lips, while orange oil provides a beautiful natural fragrance. Orange oil is also shown to promote the production of collagen, as well as increasing blood flow to the skin, which will help to give your lips what they need to remain plump and perfect.

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Jade Precision

Here at Pure Beauty, we are big fans of tools which allow us to make the most of our skincare as well as helping to correct problem areas. This Jade Beauty Restorer is shaped to be used around the eyes and lip areas to target fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to boost collagen and elastin and will visibly plump the lips before applying lipstick or balm. Facial massage is also great for relieving any areas of puffiness or inflammation and the massaging also makes your skin appear brighter and firmer.

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