MediK8, Leaders in CSA Philosophy

Many of our brands here at our Salon in Lichfield, as well as our online store, boast a wide range of products, and each have their own philosophies regarding their brand. One of our newest brands that we are proud to offer our clients, is MediK8. MediK8 was born out of passion for better skin health and results. The founder, Elliott Isaacs, founded the brand in the back of his Father’s Pharmacy after studying at Leeds University. He wanted to offer progressive products that focused on the CSA Philosophy, Vitamin C, Sunscreen and Vitamin A (which is another name for Retinol). Since then, the brand has come on leaps and bounds, and offers a product for every skin type and concern.

So, why CSA? Well, Vitamin C, which is to be used in the morning, will brighten the skin. It will give you a glowing, healthy looking completion, and when applying any make-up over the top, will make it look smooth and fresh for the rest of the day. Sunscreen, this is a must for everyone, every day. Especially when using Vitamin A, or any resurfacing products, this is key for your skin. Sunscreen protects from UVA and UVB rays, the number one cause of premature ageing, and Hyperpigmentation (dark spots and discolouration of the skin). Then, Vitamin A (AKA Retinol), this is amazing on so many levels, as it does so much for you. This is to be used only at night, when your skin is out of the sun, and as you sleep, healing. It is, simply, the most important ingredient in Anti-ageing skincare. It needs to be in a stable form, so do not apply if you’re going to go back outside, and do not use the Vitamin C alongside it at night. Only use Vitamin C in the morning. However, if Retinol is not for you, then they also offer Bakuchiol Peptides (much like Retinol, but can be used if you can’t use have Vitamin A).

So, just for simplicity, I thought I would link a handful of their products here (one from each of the CSA), and explain why I love them so much. So, their C-Tetra Serum would be your daily Vitamin C. It helps to fight pollution and sun damage, is lightweight, and can be put underneath any moisturiser. Next, their Advanced Day Total Protect SPF30, this day cream contains your SPF already, and is deeply hydrating. Not to mention it does not feel like a sunscreen, and doesn’t give you that white-tint to the skin afterwards. Finally, is the Retinol 3TR. This nighttime Vitamin A serum combats scarring, pigmentation issues, fine lines and restores radiance. It also helps to decongest pores, there’s nothing it can’t do! When using any Retinol, you need to start low (which the 3TR is) then work your way up to a higher percentage, and always do a small patch test behind your ear a few hours before applying over the entire face, for the first time. Also, please always read the manufacturers specific instructions that will be on the packaging (also on our online website) as each product can be slightly different, across different brands.

Those are not the only products they offer, the brand also offers toners, many different serums, night creams, eyes creams and lip treatments too.

As for the treatments that we can offer, we offer both their facials and their chemical peels here at our salon in Lichfield. Their facials include their signature Platinum facial. This is for anyone concerned with ageing, lack of radiance, or just lovely to have for a special occasion. I always refer to this as a “red carpet” facial. Whilst we use targetted products for your skin, we don’t compromise on relaxation, as a facial/chest and shoulder massage is still included in these treatments. As for their chemical peels, I would have to say that as a Therapist, I see very results from them. As with any peel, you need to be patch tested beforehand, and MediK8 require you to use their specific CSA kit 2-4 weeks beforehand (this would be discussed in your complementary consultation before any treatments start). This is to prep the skin, and get it in a good place. The peels themselves do not hurt, just tingle a little. The skin can feel hot and go a little flushed afterwards, and my skin did peel a small amount just in a few areas, around days 2 and 3 after my treatment. But I was very happy with the results.

So, if MediK8’s philosophy, products, and treatments sound like something you like the sound of, I would highly recommend that you try them out. I love them as a Therapist, and many of my clients are falling in love with the brand also.

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