How do I put Collagen back into my Skin?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it forms scaffolds that provide strength and structure, that holds us together. Endogenous collagen is what we produce ourselves within our body, and Exogenous is synthetic collagen, what we put back in, in the forms of skincare and supplements. In the Dermis, (the middle layer within our skin) collagen helps to form a fibrous network of tissue called Fibroblasts, upon which new cells can grow. It also plays a role in replacing and restoring dead skin cells. However, with age, our bodies produce less and less collagen. The structural integrity of our skin declines, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to form. This is where skincare comes into play.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

By using good quality skincare, you can put back into your skin ingredients that mimic that collagen. For example, one of the most famous lines that I personally work with, is the Elemis Pro Collagen line. I have worked with this for years, and regularly perform their facials. These award-winning anti-ageing products work by using Padina Pavonica (among many other ingredients) to mimic that collagen production within your skin. Imagine your skin as a crack in the wall, and these types of products would be the filler.

Another great product is the Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Aging Rich Repair Nourishing Cream. This uses Cupacu Oils that are rich in nourishing fatty acids to feed your skin, and plump it back up. I love Aromatherapy Associates as a brand, as this product is Vegan, SLS-Free and all their products smell amazing.

I am often asked about whether there are any physical treatments that can put collagen back into the skin. From the treatments that we offer here at our salon, I would say, technically, no. And it is pretty difficult to do. However, you can have a luxurious Elemis Pro Collagen facial, using the products I talked about earlier. I would say that is the closest thing you would be able to do.

Obviously, another way to attempt to replace the collagen your body is losing, is through Supplements. These are big on social media at the moment, I am always seeing Social Media stars advertising different brands on their pages. I think these are great if you try them, and they work for you. However, nothing, not even skincare, is ever going to fully replace that collagen that your skin has lost. Ageing is a natural thing, and I believe we should embrace it. Of course, we all want to grow old gracefully, so we use products, have treatments, and take supplements to try and slow that process as much as possible. What works for one person, may not always work for another. So if one thing does not always work for you, then try something else!

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