My Top Tranquil Treatments

I have worked in the Spa and Beauty industry for a few years now, and over time my favourite treatments have changed. As I have become qualified in more and more, and my knowledge of brands, products and different treatments grow, I always find something new to become excited about, and want to tell all my clients to try.

At our beautiful salon, based in the heart of Lichfield, we offer a wide array of these treatments. From a facial to suit everyone, to sense tingling aromatherapy massage, to stylish Gelish mani’s and pedi’s, or even a set of luscious lashes for that special occasion. Our Therapists have many years of experience, and are trained to the upmost standard, in not just their treatments, but in client care also.


So, what are my top treatments that I would suggest trying, and why?



If you are suffering with specific aches and pains, or just want to relax and unwind, our Elemis Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Full Body Massage will melt those aches, pains and worries away. The Balinese stones are bathed in Elemis’ signature Frangipani Oil to nourish your skin whilst we work. I love this treatment because it is both relaxing to have, and for us to perform as Therapists. The smell of the Frangipani Oil fills and room, and the heat of the stones is wonderful on the skin.

If you are in your second or third trimester of pregnancy, then we have a handful of treatments to choose from, across our different skincare lines. Each one will take your needs into account, whether it is pain in your legs, lower back, swollen feet, or stretch marks. The gentle and very safe massage we perform will relax both you and baby, leaving you resting easy when you go home. Looking after yourself during pregnancy is very important, keeping stress levels low is also something to be mindful of. So I love this treatment as it helps to relax Mom, and allows you to spend time within yourself, and to connect with your baby.



We offer a wide array of facials, so it will be difficult for me to only pick a few to talk about because I love them all for different reasons. However, a stand-out facial to me would first be our Elemis BioTec Facial Treatments. There is one for every concern, from anti-aging, to blackheads and congestion, and even a Men’s specific facial to target their skincare needs. I have worked with the BioTec machine for a long time, and I love that Elemis decided to introduce an electrical machine into their line of facials. Their rich, luxurious products compliment the modalities well. My top function is the Oxygen Infusion. It works by collecting air from the room, cleaning it, and uses what looks like a little spout that sits on the top of the skin to push this oxygen into the skin, making it look lovely and plump.

We also offer our new REN facials. REN’s clean skincare does wonders for the environment, and does not compromise on results for your skin. You know that by using their products, you are not contributing to any waste or landfill sites. My personal favourite product of theirs in the Perfect Canvas Jelly Oil Cleanser, we use this in treatment, and it is a retail product. It is my go-to cleanser to get off my make-up, SPF and pollution from the day. These facials will allow you to relax, and for us to treat your skin.



Our Nail Technicians at Pure Beauty offer a variety of polish choices. We have the easy to remove polish Vinylux, which boasts impressive staying power, and does not feel heavy on the nail. There is also Gelish and Shellac if you’re wanting Gel on your nails, and finally, Hard Gel, which we use LCN and Light Elegance for. Light Elegance specifically is hypoallergenic and is odourless, a good choice if you’ve experienced any reactions or allergies in the past. All of our Therapists will always check your consultation form and discuss the best treatment option with you. So if you want to pamper your hands and toes for the summer, then Mani’s and Pedi’s are the way to go.



Mani’s and Pedi’s are not the only way you may be wanting to prep for summer, waxing is also very popular in our salon. We offer both Hot and Strip wax. Our Strip Wax is mainly used for larger, less sensitive areas such as the legs, arms and back. But it can also be used for underarms, eyebrows, lip and chin. However, our Hot Wax (we use the lovely Lycon range) is much more gentle, as we apply an oil to the area before and then apply the wax. Meaning the wax is not sticking to your skin, but only to the hair. This causes less irritation, minimises the risk of bruising and pulling on the skin.



New to the Salon this year is our GHD treatments and products. Some of our Therapists will be offering Blow Dries and Styling with these iconic hair tools, everything from Straight and Sleek, to Pin Curls. So if you’ve got a wedding, an event or just want some expert styling tips regarding your hair, then our GHD treatments are the best for healthy looking hair.


This is by no means a definitive list of the treatments we offer here at Pure Beauty, just some of my personal favourites and ones that I am looking forward to performing as our Salon opens back up to our lovely clients.

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