Are you Ready for Anti-Aging Skincare at 25?

We all know that we will always feel young at heart, whether we’re 25, 45 or 85. But as we get older, our bodies and skin age, meaning that we need a skincare routine to keep up with our evolving skin.
Skin ages as the outer layer (the Epidermis) thins. The number of pigment-containing cells (Melanocytes) also decreases. Meaning aging skin can look thin and pale.
Unhealthy lifestyle habits, environmental damage (pollution and sun) can compromise your skin. Our cells defences start to weaken and cell renewal is beginning to slow down, diminishing skin radiance.
Our Collagen (which keep skin firm) and Elastin (which gives our skin bounce) degrade, and this can result in the beginning of fine lines. Areas often effected are around the eyes, lips and forehead. Cell renewal and turnover continue to decline.
Skin appears thinner, and it’s naturally-protective lipid barrier is not as prominent in the skin anymore. Dehydration can become a big issue. Women can begin to go through “the change”, at this time in life as well, meaning a whole different party is going on hormonally. Dark spots can begin to appear, and fine lines become more of an issue.
The lipid barrier lessens even more, leading to skin lacking in moisture retention, and opportunity of sensitivity and dehydration to surface. By now, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and “craping” can be seen on the skin.

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So, what is the secret to healthy looking skin at every age? 
A good skincare routine is the simple answer. When you are younger, in your mid-twenties, it is imperative you begin a “prevention” routine. Tackling issues before they become issues. Of course, a lot of your body is up to your DNA, so you will always age and show signs of it. That’s life. However, you can lessen the effects by starting early.
SPF is the best thing for preventing premature aging, as UVA and UVB rays are the worst for it. As well as a good moisturiser for hydrating, and serums for controlling issues such as acne and hyperpigmentation.
As you go into your 30’s and 40’s, begin introducing stronger ingredients such as Retinols, AHA, BHA and Vitamin C. These are amazing at mimicking your skin’s natural collagen, elastin, and many other cells and functions.
When you hit your 50’s and above, continue using these, but stronger versions. Such as, going from a 0.3% Retinol to a 1%. You will need to go up gradually over time to not harm your skin, and always patch-test strong products before use.
Also, if it is your cup of tea, going to see a professional beautician for regular treatments such as Holistic Facials, and Non-Surgical Electrical Facials will work wonders for you. I always explain it like going to the gym and seeing a PT. If you just see the PT (Beautician) once a week but do no exercise (skincare at home) in-between, then the results from the PT session will not be as good, long lasting or effective. But, if you take the time and care for your body (skin) and work it out in-between, then you will get the best results.
Facials are always a “top-up”, the best thing for elevating your routine to the next level, and we can do things you cannot do at home. Such as Chemical Peels, and the Non-Surgical Electrical Facials, that can really benefit larger issues such as Hyperpigmentation and the sagging of muscles (which can lead to the skin looking older and dull).
I hope this blog has been helpful if you are unsure at what to do as you are getting older, and your skin may be presenting you with some issues, that you feel you want to tackle.

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