Teen Skincare, how to Combat Young Skin Issues

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Teenage Skin can be quite a tricky topic for a skin therapist to tackle. Teenagers are experiencing a large influx of hormones, and they are, literally, all over the place. Mentally and physically. This always effects their skin, most commonly associated with teenagers is acne and oily skin. This is because the oil glands in their skin become active when they hit puberty.

Most teens are unsure on what skincare to use, some are not bothered by it, and some almost feel embarrassed to admit wanting/needing to use it. This can lead to the oil and debris on their skin to build up (as it does in adults too) and create blackheads and whiteheads. So having a good, regular skincare routine is the best thing to aid their skin, and get it into a good, healthy cycle.

Ingredients such as Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid are the superheroes of the skincare industry when it comes to acne prone and oily skin.  Now, you will find these ingredients in a lot of products, but not all are suited to teenagers. They are still growing and developing, and their cells turn over quicker than adults, meaning they can quite often recover from breakouts quicker then we can.

Products from lines such as the Dermalogica’s Clear Start Range are specifically designed with young people in mind. Many of their products have received outstanding reviews both online, and from clients I have personally treated. Take for example their Foaming Wash, it contains that wonderful Salicylic Acid, but also ingredients such as Tea Tree (which is a natural antibacterial) to clear, clean and soothe the skin. Also, Meadowsweet, which protects against the overproduction of sebum, hitting the root cause of the acne/blackhead issue.

On the other hand, even though breakouts are a common issue for teens, there are other questions I have been asked in the past. For example, one client came to me and expressed concern as her Mother and Grandmother suffer with dark circles under their eyes, and she was worried about hers getting worse as she got older. Wanting to prevent whilst she was young, rather than try and fix later in life. I explained that dark circles are believed to be linked to genetics. As some people are more likely to have excessive pigmentation and melanin disposition in that area, especially if it runs in the family. Therefore, I suggested that my client try a gentle eye cream. Being young, she did not want to damage the area by using products that contained retinols, as that is a little too strong for her younger skin, which has not thickened up just yet (as it does as you enter into adulthood).

UpCircle’s Eye Cream with Maple and Coffee is both affordable and gentle on that delicate eye area, both for teens and adults. It is in a very affordable price range, and as you only need a little, will last you well. Coffee is one of the best ingredients to have in a undereye product. Coffee is naturally full of antioxidants, and when used in skincare, it will help to draw out toxins from that area. This cream also hydrates, and brightens the eye area. Suitable for everyone!

If anyone is concerned with any issues they are having with their skin, it is always advisable they speak to a skincare specialist to get a professional opinion. However, if it is bordering on chronic or painful, then speaking to your Doctor is advisable.

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