New PowerBright Dark Spot Serum from Dermalogica

Dermalogica Power Bright Dark Spot Serum 30mlDermalogica Power Bright Dark Spot Serum 30mlIntroducing the new PowerBright Dark Spot Serum from Dermalogica, an advanced serum that begins to diminish the appearance of uneven pigmentation fast, and keeps  working to even skin tone over time. We caught up with Dermalogica’s Education Manager Victoria Schofield to find out more.

Do you have hyperpigmentation?

Do you experience uneven skin tone or struggle with dark spots, or darker patches on your skin? Also known as hyperpigmentation, this skin condition can be a bit of a  challenge, but with the right skin care regimen and professional advice, you can balance out skin pigment and achieve an even glow.


Uneven skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is the result of irregular production of the natural skin pigment known as melanin. In some areas of the skin, the cells that  produce this melanin are working overtime and the excess pigment that’s produced, causes patches of skin to become darker in colour than the surrounding skin. Certain triggers such as UV exposure, hormones and inflammation trigger the skin’s pigment production response; a process known as melanogenesis. Skin pigment production accelerates producing darker spots. This condition can affect all skin types and tones though it is more noticeable and prominent in darker skins.

Types of hyperpigmentation

  • Melasma ~ caused by hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or when taking the contraceptive pill. Looks like patches or a mask.
  • Sunspots ~ caused by UV rays and appear as dark spots in places that are usually exposed to the sun.
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation ~ caused by inflammation or injury and looks like a dark mark after an injury or breakout.

New research links pollution and hyperpigmentation

New research indicates that airborne pollution particles that become lodged deep in the skin, oxidises the surrounding tissue causing irritation that leads to uneven pigmentation. Rising levels of airborne soot and traffic-generated pollution cause a 20-25% increase in dark spots – adding up to 20 years to your perceived age!

Fade dark spots to bright!

PowerBright Dark Spot Serum is the solution you’ve been looking for to fade dark spots in just days and help prevent future dark spots whilst boosting skin’s natural  luminosity! Formulated with high-tech ingredients such as Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol that work together to reduce excess pigment in the skin; Shiitake Mushroom, Blackcurrant Oil and Peony Flower help brighten the skin and skin shielding actives protect against pollution-induced dark spots. This creamy serum feels incredibly hydrating on the skin and the light-diffusing technology begins to balance the appearance of uneven pigmentation within days.

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