Are You Making These Five Mistake When Washing Your Face?

Are You Making These Five Mistake When Washing Your Face?
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Washing your face seems like the simplest job in the world and something that anyone can do with a degree of success. However, there are actually a few things that you should try to avoid while washing your face, and they’re all a lot more common that you might think. We’ve put together a crib-sheet for face washing so that you can avoid making these simple mistakes:

Washing Your Face in the Shower

Many of us are pretty time-poor on a day to day basis and try to combine tasks so that we save ourselves a bit of time. However, washing your face in the shower could be doing your skin way more harm than it’s worth for the few seconds that you save. The reason for this is that the temperature of most people’s shower water is much hotter than is suitable for face washing. Try to use the basin for face washing with a cleanser which suits your skin type.

Using the RIGHT Cleanser

So many people just grab any old cleanser, not thinking about whether it’s optimal for their skin type, and we’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating – you need to choose a cleanser which is made for your skin type. Don’t just assume that all cleaners are created equal, because you could be exacerbating an existing skin condition, such as dryness, by opting for the wrong products.

Your Implements Aren’t Clean

We’re almost 100% certain that you wouldn’t wash your face with a dirty flannel, but so many people forget to wash their hands before they use them to wash their face! Hands touch things on a daily basis, such as money and doorknobs, which harbour HUGE amounts of bacteria, so before you even think about rubbing your hands all over your face, you should be using a good antibacterial soap to clean them first.

You’re Being Too Abrasive

Either the products you’re using are over-exfoliating your skin, you’re using a cleansing cloth made of a harsh material or you’re rubbing too hard and for too long. All of these things can lead to your skin becoming red and inflamed, which is not ideal. Make sure your cleanser is gentle, your cleansing cloth is specifically for faces and try not to press too hard, even if it does make you feel clean!

You’re Not Getting Rid of Make Up

As we mentioned above, not all cleansers are created to do all jobs, which means that although some are formulated to give your skin a good level of cleansing, they won’t necessarily get rid of all traces of make-up, especially not things like waterproof mascara. If you wear make up on a daily basis, make sure you opt for something that will properly rid your skin of cosmetics – you may even need to use two different cleansers to do the job.

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