Harnessing the Power of Sea Salt

Harnessing the Power of Sea Salt
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Here at pure Beauty, we’re passionate about products which contain only the best ingredients, which is why we keep our brands to a minimum, focusing on quality instead of quantity. For the brands we sell, using ingredients derived from nature is an obvious choice because it helps to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Elemis offers several products which contain sea salt, one of the purest ingredients available, so we thought we’d showcase them today:

Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak

This soothing muscle soak is designed to go into a hot bath to help relax and uplift overworked, tired, aching muscles. It has a unique fragrance, derived from birch, juniper, clove, alpine lavender, wild thyme and blue chamomile combined with sea salt, which provides a powerful aromatherapy deep heat treatment, as well as being excellent for arthritis and rheumatism.

Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser

This cleanser from Elemis does so much more than cleaning your face. It contains a synergy of electrolytes derived from sea salt which actively energise the skin, giving your complexion a renewed radiance. It’s a fresh and invigorating cleansing formula which removes dirt and impurities, restoring freshness and invigorating the skin.

Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Day Cream

This day cream from Elemis contains encapsulated zinc and copper, as well as electrolytes extracted from sea salt, which are scientifically proven to help increase cell energy. It adds a wash of moisture to the skin, as well as actively strengthening the barrier of the skin to help reduce trans-epidermal water loss and maintain moisture, giving you ongoing hydration.

Elemis Sea Lavender and Samphire Bath and Shower Milk

Bathing can strip the skin of moisture if you don’t choose the correct products, but this bath and shower milk envelops the body in a luxurious, creamy lather, cleansing the skin without stripping it of moisture. It contains sea lavender, samphire and sea salt to enrich the skin without stripping your protective surface oils.

Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Night Cream

This cream is the night-time counterpart to the energising day cream from Elemis and is a richer formula, designed to be used overnight. It should be applied to the face after cleansing away the dirt of the day and will help to boost night-time nourishment. It, again, contains electrolytes which come from sea salt to aid absorption of the active ingredients.

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