Advice from the Professionals: Talking Toners

“Hands up how many of you include a toner in your skin regimen?”

Toners are the skincare step that even today some of our clients still can’t get their head around what a toners purpose is exactly. At Pure Beauty we love to educate our clients that while toning may not be their priority, that they can really enhance a regime. I thought I’d explain why.

Years ago toners would often be an astringent alcohol based product to absorb excess oils from the skins surface which would make the toning step very popular for someone with excess oil production. However today we understand the effects that strong alcohol based formulations have on the skin and how damaging it can be to the skin, stripping natural oils. Over exposure to a product like that can mean an increase in sensitivity as those naturally protective lipid cells within the skin start to breakdown. Another type of cleanser would be gentle rose waters which are still used in ingredients today.

Now we have a much greater understanding of the skin, today toners are mostly formulated alcohol-free meaning we can say goodbye to stripped, dehydrated skin. Toners can now be used for all sorts of concerns from balancing the pH and treating acne and scarring the correct way to intensely hydrate and provide protection.

If you have dry, dehydrated a prematurely ageing skin, try using a gentle milk cleanser and follow with a toning mist. Mists will ensure the product is evenly distributed over the skin and the result? Fresh, glowing skin! A few for you to try are our Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist which is the perfect blend of Vitamin E to combat free radicals and pollutants.

For a skin that lacks nourishment and vibrancy  look no further than our Decleor Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist this blend of essential oils feeds the skin whilst Salicylic Acid will gently exfoliate away the dullness. Makes a wonderful duo with our Aromessence elixirs.

For breakout prone, combination skin we’d suggest Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner with a pH balancing formula, this soothing toner brings the skin balance keeping breakouts at bay and restores natural moisture.

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