Which Type of Foundation is for You?

Which Type of Foundation is for You?
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With every celebrity and their dog releasing cosmetics ranges, it seems that there is more make up to choose from than ever before. Of course, choice is never a bad thing but it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed at times, so we thought we’d give you a quick lesson on the different types of foundation out there and which skin types they’re good for.

Oil-based liquid

Liquid foundation is probably still the most popular type and the one that most brands seem to focus on, but the formulation of the liquid is what’s important. If you have dry skin, then opting for an oil-based liquid is preferable as it won’t dehydrate your skin and end up looking flaky or patchy. Equally, people with oily skin should avoid oil-based foundations as they’ll be sliding off before you’ve even left the house!

Water-based liquid

If you have normal skin, water-based foundations will be fine for you as you won’t need the added hydration. Liquid foundations give the heaviest level of coverage so they’re good if you want to really even out your skin tone or cover blemishes.

Mineral powder

Mineral powder is great for sensitive skin as it’s usually make from organic, non-comedogenic ingredients which are gentle on the skin. They can be build up for heavier coverage if you like a very evened-out look and they give a very matte finish, which is great if you’re prone to a little excess oil. Mineral powders sometimes come enriched with colour correction, so if you sometimes need a coloured cream under your foundation, this could be perfect for you.

BB Cream

BB Cream is best if you’re one of those lucky people who is blessed with perfect skin! It gives a light coverage of colour while imbuing the face with a wash of moisture. It’s also great for ageing skin because it won’t settle between your fine lines and wrinkles or look cakey on thinning skin.

Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is perfect for younger skin as it helps to combat oiliness, gives a good level of coverage over blemishes but is best used on skin with minimal wrinkles as it has a habit of gathering into fine lines. Some pressed powders come with an anti-spot formula, making them perfect for teens and those of us who still struggle with acne.

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