Hot Cloth Cleansing – What is it and why should you be doing it?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re sure to have heard people talking about hot cloth cleansers, and everywhere from budget supermarkets to high-end brands seem to have come up with their own version. But what is hot cloth cleansing and is it something you should be trying?

What is it?

Hot cloth cleansing is very much what it sounds like. There are lots of different versions, but the main idea behind it is that you apply a cleanser to your face (often oil based, but still okay for oily skin – Elemis Nourishing Omega Rich Cleansing Oil is perfect) and massage it in. You then use a cloth with is made from a non-abrasive material and has been steeped in hot water to remove the cleanser from your face.

What are the benefits?

The benefits to hot cloth cleansing are numerous, and we recommend using the Elemis Luxury Cleansing Cloth Duo. The cloth maintains heat efficiently when run under warm water, helping to deep cleanse and open pores more effectively. The loose fibred cotton is also perfect to enable use as an intensively nourishing treatment, allowing the sensorial aromas to be deeply inhaled through abdominal breathing. Open pores means deeper cleaning, and the use of an oil means that your skin won’t dry out. In fact, a lot of our customers have reported being able to go without moisturiser after this type of cleansing because the skin is so well balanced.

What do I need?

The basics are as we mentioned above – a cleanser of your choice and a gentle cleaning cloth. Obviously, having a bathroom where you can fill a sink with hot water is also a bonus! We also recommend having a soft, clean towel to gently PAT your face dry with after washing – never rub, as this can increase the development of fine lines and wrinkles, and only ever massage the face in an upwards motion.

Who else is doing it?

Both Holly Willoughby and Cara Delevigne are huge fans of hot cloth cleansing, which is a good enough recommendation for us as they both have flawlessly beautiful skin!

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