4 Ways That Showering is Making Your Skin Dry


4 Ways That Showering is Making Your Skin Dry
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We’ve talked at length about all of the different things which dry our skin out, and in the winter it seems as though the whole world is conspiring to make us flaky. However, a lot of our customers report that their skin feels at it’s very driest after taking a shower, and there are several good reasons for this. Read on to see some of the main things about your shower which is drying your skin out.

It’s Too Hot

When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to ramp the temperature of your shower up so that it’s as hot as you can handle it, just to feel like you’re warming your bones up a bit. However, having your shower too hot is one of the most common ways to strip your skin of it’s natural oils, which will leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Obviously we aren’t suggesting that you have a cold shower, but turning it down so that its nice and warm rather than scorchingly hot will do your skin a huge favour.

You’re Using the Wrong Products

We’re all aware by now of how drying soap can be, but most of the cheaper shower gels contain a whole load of ingredients, like foaming agents and preservatives, which are drying your skin out. Elemis Sharp Shower Body Wash is designed to wash your body with a totally natural, soap-free formula, while remaining completely skin friendly. It has an invigorating fragrance to awaken the senses and will protect the natural moisture balance of your skin.

You’re Not Moisturising Soon Enough

It’s really common for people to get out of the shower, dry themselves completely and then moisturise, but applying your moisturiser while you’re still slightly damp will do a much better job of trapping moisture into your skin. Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream is the perfect product to use once you’ve patted yourself almost dry, as it contains botanical extracts and essential oils moisturise and condition the skin.

Your Products Are Strong Enough

If you suffer with really dry skin, and this is then exacerbated by your shower, you might find that your regular moisturiser just isn’t doing a good enough job. We’d highly recommend switching to a body oil like Elemis Sweet Orchid Monoi Body Oil, which is powerful enough for even the driest, most mature skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and invigorated even from the first use. It soaks in quickly, leaving a non-oily feel and can be used over the whole body.

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