A Beginners Guide to Better Skin

A Beginners Guide to Better Skin
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Working with beauty products, day in, day out, means that we at Pure Beauty come into contact with a lot of different people, all of whom have different skin and different issues. It’s taught us that, although every single face is different, there are a few basic truths which remain the same for everyone. Today, we’re going to let you in on those truths with what we like to call A Beginner’s Guide to Better Skin. Read on to learn from the experts!

It’s Never Too Early To Fight The Signs Of Ageing

You may, like many women, think that you only need to start tackling the signs of ageing once they start to appear, but here at Pure Beauty we think that it’s NEVER too early to start the anti-ageing process and that, in fact, prevention is far better than cure. Of course, there are plenty of anti-ageing products that you can turn to once the wrinkles start to show, but keeping them at bay in the first place will set you in much better stead for remaining youthful for longer.

Loyalty Doesn’t Always Pay

We’ve come across SO many women who stick with the same products for literally years, without paying any mind to the fact that as we get older our skin changes and needs different things. There’s a good chance that what your skin deals with in it’s twenties will be different to your thirties, forties and beyond, so keeping your products in line with your needs is really important. Older skin probably won’t need spot treatments just as younger skin probably won’t need super-rich moisturisers, etc.

Use Enough Product

High-end products aren’t cheap, but spending more and using less doesn’t make sense, especially in terms of your complexion. Scrimping on what you apply makes using a product practically pointless and you’ll be wasting your money moreso than you would by using your creams too quickly. This is especially true when it comes to suncream, which should be applied liberally to have a proper protective effect – some dermatologists ever recommend applying two coats!

Beauty Begins in the Bedroom

Using the most potent anti-ageing cream that Pure Beauty offers will only do so much, and if your lifestyle doesn’t match up you’ll be fighting a losing battle. Sleep is probably the single most important thing that you can do to care for your complexion, because this is the time that your skin heals itself and is away from pollutants. Tired skin will find it harder to heal, harder to fight infection, harder to produce collagen and will ultimately suffer for your high-octane lifestyle.

Keep it Mild

Unless you have a specific skin problem which requires stronger products, such as hyaluronic acid for skin which has lost moisture, you should stick to the mildest products you can. Opting for products which contain natural oils, botanicals and are free from sodium laureth sulphate is really important if you want to treat your skin as nicely as possible, and only go for targeting regimes if you need to.

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