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Pores. We all have them, but do you really know what they’re for? According to the dictionary, pores are “a minute opening in a surface, especially the skin or integument of an organism, through which gases, liquids, or microscopic particles may pass”. Many people complain of pores which are too big and too visible, which can make them feel self-conscious and can also make them prone to blackheads and spots. Here at Pure Beauty we have a range of products which help to minimise the appearance of pores – here are the best of them:

Dermalogica Pore Control Scrub

Teenagers are usually most prone to problems with their pores because hormone surges can play havoc with sebum production. This scrub from Dermalogica is designed to scrub away clogging dead skin cells with gentle microbeads and purify your skin with natural earth clays that soak up excess oil. Tea tree, licorice, green tea and kaolin are just some of the natural ingredients which combine to deeply cleanse and minimise pores.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Serum

At the other end of the scale, ageing skin can also suffer with large pores and you need to reach for the more powerful ingredients to help get them under control. This serum from Elemis is designed to help you to totally resurface your skin, with the help of four flower alpha hydroxy acids, selastin and patented tri-enzyme technology. It should be used morning and night and works best alongside the rest of the Dynamic Resurfacing range.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Perhaps one of our more unique products, this super-fine exfoliator actually comes in powder form and is ‘activated’ between wet hands. It absorbs environmental toxins from deep within the pores and helps to minimise their appearance with ongoing use. It’s perfect for people who live in cities or busy areas where environmental pollutants are a problem.

Decleor Micellar Oil

Keeping your skin super-clean when you have large pores is really important, so using this micellar oil from Decleor will work deep into the pores, dissolving and dispersing dirt and impurities and removing all traces of make-up, including waterproof and long-lasting formulations.  The oil is massaged into the skin, which will boost radiance, and then washed off as a milky emulsion which will take with it all traces of dirt and impurities.

Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer

If you’ve got large pores then a primer is probably the number one weapon in your arsenal and it should be Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer! This primer is ideal for all skin types, and powerfully hydrates and transforms skin into an even surface with a dramatic blurring effect. It contains a number of exotic ingredients such as Abyssinian oil and whu-zhu-yu fruit extract which combine to give a powerful and lasting effect.

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