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Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Hand and Nail Cream

We exposure our hands to external factors such as pollution, UV radiation and harsh washing up chemicals every day, but how often do you actually really give them the TLC they deserve, and need? We know to take care of our complexion and our body, but our hands seem to fall by the way side which is a shame because they are one of the first places to show signs of ageing.

One a day by day basis, when you wash hands use a gentle soap, wash all suds away, dry with a clean towel and moisturiser as often as you can.

Once a week, use a scrub to exfoliate away the dry, rough skin away and invigorate life into your hands once again. To do this wash your hands with lukewarm water, then massage a small amount of scrub over your skin, working in circular motions. Rinse it off with warm water, and apply a moisturising hand cream.

At Pure-Beauty we have some gorgeous creams that can be used every day, and we are sure there will be one that is perfect for you.

The Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Hand and Nail Cream is new to us but are already in love with it. The nourishing cream is delicately scented and thanks to a blend of fantastic ingredients, it offers long-lasting comfort for all skin types. Thanks to the ‘Elemis Promise’ this product contains no parabens, no Sodium Laureth Sulphate, no mineral oils and no artificial colours, which we think is brilliant. Used on a regular basis the cream will soften and sooth your hands and support the delicate moisture barrier that is so often compromised, which we think is a pretty good combo.

For an everyday winner, look no further than the Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment. Provitamin B5 has been combined with Algae Extract and Sweet Almond Oil to help heal dry, rough hands and provide a barrier against the environment. Ginkgo Biloba and Grape Seed extracts plus Vitamin E neutralise free radical activity, guarding against further damage. The overall effect means softer hands and stronger nails.

The Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream has a smooth, luxurious texture and simply melts into the skin. Milk Protein, Avellana Seed oil, Omega 7, Camellia, Virgin Plum and Macadamia lock in moisture. Litsea, Jasmine, Magnolia and Vanilla mean yours will hands not only smell amazing but they will look and feel youthful, radiant and soft to the touch.

If you are looking for a rich, beautifully fragranced hand cream that offers long-lasting, intensive protection, you need the Elemis Jasmine and Rose Hand and Nail Cream in your bag and by your sink. Why does this cream work? Well, argan oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, has been added and this improves moisture retention to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Abysinnian Oil replaces lost lipids, while Jasmine and White Lotus Flower Milks soften and calm dry, sensitive skin and the results are just outstanding.

Seeing ladies, is believing, so why not get in touch today and we will be only too happy to help.

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