Pamper Your Pores

Pamper Your Pores
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When it comes to skincare, sometimes you have to take things back to basics and care for the smallest areas to improve the bigger picture. Pores can be problematic, harbouring dirt or being too visible, so we thought we’d take a look at five products which can help you to refine your pores, keep them clean and make your whole face look better in the process.

Dermalogica Precleanse

Sometimes, simply cleansing your face isn’t enough to really get into the pores, which is why something like this precleaning solution from Dermalogica is a favourite among professionals. It dissolves oil-based make-up, sebum, sunscreens and environmental pollutants from skin’s surface, enabling skin to be thoroughly cleansed. It also removes oils without compromising skin’s natural barrier lipids or clogging pores. Use on a cotton pad to remove eye make up and then spread a generous amount over the whole face before wetting with water to create a powerful, dirt-zapping emulsion.

Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer

Using a primer before you apply your foundation is a great way to ensure that your skin looks absolutely perfect. The primer refines pores, blurs imperfections and adds moisture to dry or combination skin. It also dissolves shine and prevents it from reccuring which should help your make-up to stay in place all day long.

Decleor Micellar Oil

Micellar oils are excellent at working deep into your pores to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt as they contain tiny particles of oil suspended in water which turn into a milky emulsion when applied to a wet face. This micellar oil from Decleor contains sweet almond oil which is rich in essential fatty acids which help to strengthen and soothe the skin, while the other natural ingredients help to maintain optimal hydration in the skin.

Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub

Keeping your pores clean is important for everyone, but perhaps even more important for men who shave their faces because of the potential for shaving rash and ingrown hair. This scrub from Dermalogica helps to release ingrowing hairs, scrub away dirt and dead skin cells and prepare the skin for shaving to ensure that you end up with the best finish possible.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Using any other exfoliant on a daily basis could leave your skin red and sensitised, and could ultimately lead to serious damage to the upper layers of your skin. This SUPERfoliant from Dermalogica, however, is actually perfect for every day use and will absorb environmental toxins from deep within the pores, while niacinamide, red algae and tara fruit extract help guard against the damaging effects of pollution.

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