Which Dermalogica moisturiser is right for you?

Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Barrier Repair

We all know that using a moisturiser is key to any effective beauty regime. The problem many people have is knowing which one is right for them as there is so much choice.

Whilst some of us have oily skin, others suffer with a more sensitive complexion and then there are those with combination skin that can be just as tricky to treat. Teenagers often have to deal with breakouts, whilst their mothers may be looking for products that can ease the early signs of ageing.

At Pure-Beauty we offer a range of excellent moisturisers for all skin types and all ages and are sure we will have something that is right for you.

Let’s start with our youngest customers who might benefit from the Dermalogica Daytime Treatment. This is an easy to apply, lightweight moisturiser that is perfect for teenager skin that is prone to acne. Not only does it hydrate young skin but also controls sebum and helps prevent future breakouts. So how does this all happen? Well, licorice, cucumber and lavender soothe and calm skin whilst protecting it. A botanical mix of magnolia and grapefruit controls sebum, and the antiseptic in tea tree oil kills bacteria. By using this product every morning, results should be seen and clearness maintained.

If you skin has a tendency to be oily and you’ve never found a cream that really gets to the bottom of the issue, why not give Dermalogica Active Moist a try? This lightweight, oil-free moisturiser absorbs into the skin without a trace and creates a smooth, invisible barrier that prevents moisture loss. Silk Amino Acids (natural water-soluble proteins extracted from raw silk) and plant extracts help smooth and improve the skin’s texture. Lemon, watercress, burdock and ivy help refine the skin and soothing extracts of lavender, mallow and cucumber deeply hydrate the skin without adding extra oil.

The most popular Dermalogica moisuturiser is the Skin Smoothing Cream and with good reason. This smooth, medium-weight cream effortlessly maintains moisture balance as well as improving texture. Super-moisturising lecithin and aloe nourish the skin whilst mallow, cucumber and arnica soothe and hydrate so that suppleness and tone are restored. Powerful grape seed extract works with Vitamins A, C and E to reduce free radical activity and the overall results are smoother, hydrated skin. This product is ideal for normal to dry skin types and can be used daily.

Super-sensitive skin might sound romantic but in reality can be a nightmare. The Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Barrier Repair is a waterless moisturiser that works magic with this skin type. The cream simply melts into the skin and not only soothes it but also helps repair damage. Ongoing use creates a barrier against the environment and helps prevent further problems and moisture loss. Apply a  small amount to the face and throat to create a smooth, even base that is not only ideal for preparing skin for make-up application but leaves skin glowing.

For anyone with dry or prematurely ageing skin, why not give Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery, a go? This medium-weight, daily moisturiser contains SPF50 so you can achieve optimum hydration and combat anti-aging. It contains a patented polypeptide plus glucosamine and soy, which together stimulate collagen growth so the skin can naturally fight ageing. The cream blends smoothly into the skin to create a perfect finish and should be applied 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

If you have any questions get in touch and we will be very happy to find a moisturiser that is perfect for you.

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